Feel happy at Hakuna Matata!

hakuna matata at jp nagar

Hakuna Matata at JP Nagar should be your new happy place: 


The words ”Hakuna Matata” got famous after the Lion King movie. It means ”No worries” and I guess this is what the owners of Hakuna Matata at JP Nagar, Bangalore where aiming for. To make a place where you can go to, eat, drink and just chill.

At least for me, this seems to have worked as I have visited it no fewer than 5 times.  Because it is so unlike any conventional restaurant I have seen. It’s split into five areas (how cool is that!). And also, as a person who is fond of open spaces, I loved their outdoor seating. The fountain, the water, the wooden seating, the music and the lovely weather of Namma Bengaluru! 

Coming to my favorite part: The Food!

So, they have many cuisines like Asian, Seafood and North India. However, their Asian is average and their North Indian is really good. (Cannot comment on the seafood, because I generally hate it). Here’s what I have liked:

Hong Kong Wings- Chinese style chicken wings. The chicken was really crispy and tasted great as wings. The accompanying sauce had a distinguished Asian texture to it and was not oily at all. Hence, definitely recommended for people who love their wings.



Tandoori Chicken- Love, love, love it! There was so much butter in this, it felt like eating spicy butter. Loved the combination of butter and spice. The chicken tasted heavenly after being cooked in tandoor.


Watermelon Mojito- It looked as good as it tasted. There was ample alcohol in it and with the fresh watermelon and basil, it was one refreshing drink.


Long Island Ice Tea- I am generally not a big fan of LIIT because it can get too bitter at times, but the one here just wasn’t bitter at all. The drink was perfect.


Paneer Tikka- The paneer was very soft and melt in the mouth. It was cooked in strong Indian spicy and was completely masala-filled.

Chicken Biriyani- How can anyone not love Biriyani? The rice was very well cooked. There was adequate masala and ample amount of chicken in it. It was more of the North Indian than Andhra style Biriyani.

My verdict:

So, there are places you go to just for the food and there are places you go to for the ambiance. Hakuna Matata falls into the second category.

Go here on a weekday, when the weather is beautiful. Just drink, eat, laugh and chill.

Because.. ” Hakuna Matata”!

P.S: If you enjoy North Indian food or want to explore other dining options, check out my review on Salt in Forum Mall, Koramangala. 



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