#LipstickLove: Colorbar ”Hot,Hot,Hot” review

I think a red lisptick is a must have for every girl in this world. If you want to look sexy, if you want to look dressed up or if you just want to lift your mood up a little, red lipstick is the answer.

So off I went to Health and Glow to browse through the lipstick sections and after many trials and many swatches, I found the one: Colorbar’s ”Hot,Hot,Hot”.



Here’s why I loved it:

I love matte lispticks. I find them to be much more classier than glossy ones. This colorbar lipstick is a matte one and though it’s matte, it isn’t sticky or dry at all. Unlike many other matte lipsticks which cling to the lips, this one just glides through. It’s a very smooth application.
Also, it comes with a pointy tip which makes it very easy to fill in exactly to the shape of your lips. I don’t need to use a lipliner as the tip allows me to line my lips perfectly.




Color and look-
I love the color! It’s that shade of red that can be applied in the day or evening. It’s a bright red, neither subtle nor in-the-face. And it has suited me perfectly. Also, since it’s so prominent, I can easily cut back on my eye make up if I wish. Even if I want to go all out with my eye make up, the lipstick complements it without looking over the top.
It’s also a long stay lipstick. If I apply two generous coats, I am good to go for almost the entire day. What’s more, it doesn’t leak and spread all over my chin. It stays in place.



Packaging– It comes in a neat silver container with a transparent cap.
Price– Rs. 399
Value for money– Paisa Vasool!
Where you can buy it– Colorbar stores, Health and Glow, Online spaces
Star status- 4.5/5

This lipstick is definitely hot,hot,hot!

P.S: Let me know which are your favorite lipsticks 🙂 

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