Here’s to Girl Power!

There is a women’s day, but there is no day for men. Why? Because men don’t need a special day to be celebrated, they are celebrated everyday.

It’s good that women’s day exists, because at least one day in a year, women are given some kind of importance. But it also saddens me. Why is is that we are treated like crap throughout the year to just be put on a pedestal on one single day?

Every year, in march, you will find talk about March 8th. You will find all issues being discussed: dowry, infanticide, honor killing, abuse, harassment and other endless issues. You will also find inspirational stories about women who have done great stuff.

Companies will start campaigns around women with cliche taglines like ”we salute the woman in you” or ”paying tribute to the strongest gender” or some shit like that. Other companies will offer discounts and packages with inviting taglines like ”this women’s day, we want to pamper you” or ”this is our way of making you feel special”.

Do they actually care? No. Do they want to make a difference? No. It’s just them grabbing the spotlight by misusing issues. They target all of these at urban women with a lot of exposure. What is the point of empowering already empowered women? There is no point. I am yet to see even one company or one campaign that truly wants to do something good.


And FYI, some crappy sale or some spa offer is not going to make me feel great. If you want to celebrate the woman in me, then give me some respect, stand up for my rights and treat me like an equal. You cannot impress me by pretending to care.

Okay, I am done ranting. Here’s what I want to say to all my fellow women:

Ladies, we don’t need one single day in 365 days to be celebrated. We need to celebrate ourselves and each other every single day.

If somebody isn’t standing up for you, well, hell to them. You stand up for yourself. Make yourself heard.

You are a woman, a multi-tasking, super crazy, wonderful, beautiful, smart woman.

You can take the pain of periods and child birth. What is the pain of anything else in front of that?

Make a promise to yourself that no matter who is or isn’t for you, you are always going to be there for yourself.

Don’t take shit from anybody about being a woman. You are a woman, that’s the biggest compliment.

Smash sexism, smash gender bias and smash patriarchy!

Be free, do whatever you want, dream big, love yourself. 

I will not wish you a Happy Women’s Day.. because, for me, everyday is my day.


P.S: Do you agree with me or not? Leave your comments below. One sister to another!

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