First Edition of Bangalore Breakfast Walks: Vidyarthi Bhavan & Namma SLN

With food becoming one of the biggest joys of life for a lot of people, there are new food-related initiatives everyday.
As I have mentioned before, I am a part of the Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (FBAB) and this time, they came up with another awesome initiative for foodies: Bangalore Breakfast Walks!

This basically entails foodies meeting up for breakfast and visiting at least two traditional, famous hotels for breakfast. In Bangalore, most of us prefer traditional South Indian breakfast as it leads to a happy stomach and a happy mood.

I was very excited to be a part of the very first edition of the Bangalore Breakfast Walk. It covered two legendary breakfast places in South Bangalore: Namma SLN and Vidyarthi Bhavan. I had visited the latter many times previously but it was my first time visiting the former.

So, here’s a quick peak into both these amazing hotels:

Namma SLN– It’s located in Gandhi Bazaar and is famous for it’s pulao and pulao bath masala dosa. Since I love having rice for breakfast, I was very eager to try out the pulao.
I must say, it was great! I just found my go-to pulao place in town. It was very well cooked and had the right amount of spice- not too spicy, not too bland. The chutney served with it was a delight by itself and tasted great with the pulao.

Also had their thin dosa. Usually, masala dosa’s are very thick and can be overwhelming but this dosa was very thin and had onions and curry leaves in it. Lovely!


After this, we proceeded to:

Vidyarthi Bhavan which was so crowded that we had to wait close to an hour.
But, frankly, it was totally worth the wait.
Their signature dish is Masala Dosa and it was amazing as always. Crispy dosa, butter, potato filling and delicious chutney!

I also tried something new: Their vada and sambhar. The sambhar was very flavourful and hot with the vada being super crispy.



Along with great food was great company. Apart from my usual foodie friends, met a few new foodies and we all had a wonderful time discussing food, food and food.
Looking forward to more breakfast walks… and lunch walks and dessert walks and every other food-related walk. You get the drift, right?

Tid-Bit:ย One should not visit these places for the ambiance or the experience, not the service or the variety, its only for some wholesome good food that will leave you feeling satisfied.ย ย Vidyarthi Bhavan was established in 1943 and Namma SLN in 1965. So, yes, they have literally been feeding foodies and other hungry souls since centuries and may they continue to do so for many more centuries. They are not just hotels, but a significant part of the culture and history of my my city.ย 

Which is your favorite breakfast? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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