Ah! London. 

As I have mentioned earlier in my blog, my travel posts are more about the experience, the memories, the honest opinions of a traveler. I don’t want to really get into sightseeing and budgets and hotels because hello! We have google and a 1000 other travel websites to do that. Besides, I am no travel agent, I am a travel blogger.

So, London. If I have to explain London in one word, I would call it ”charming”. It’s one hell of a beautiful city. From all that I had heard about London, I thought that it would be more or less like any other urbanized city, but I was wrong.

An upclose photo of the London Eye during sunset


On my Europe saga, my first stop was London and it was truly love at first sight. During the ride from the airport to the city, I felt like I had gone back in time when there used to be nothing except acres of greenery, clean blue skies and cute little houses. The suburbs were so adorable, especially loved those row houses, so symmetrical in proportion.
And when I entered the city: BAM! I felt like I was in a time travel machine. It was like going back to the Victorian era, sans those clothes of course.

The sunset, as seen from the London Eye

There are hardly any high rise buildings or modern looking constructions. All you have is beautiful architecture, soft colored buildings in hues of cream and white, so many manors and palaces and old buildings with rich heritage. It’s beautiful. I had never expected a modern day city like London to have such old-school charm and oh, how I loved the surprise.

A ministerial building

I said hello to Big Ben, took an exciting ride on the Big Bus, rode the London Eye, went for a cruise on River Thames, saw the Tower Bridge, took a walk in Hyde Park and visited the queen in Buckingham Palace. Do you know how beautiful and utterly breathtaking London looks from atop the London eye? I could see kilometers of the Thames, boats cruising, people milling about, trees everywhere and the most gorgeous sunset.


River Thames, as seen from the London Eye

The city also has tons of cafes. I am not talking of big, sophisticated restuarants but cafes. They are in every location, be it the corner of an isolated street or in the centre of a busy one. Wouldn’t it be just amazing to sit in these cafes, drink some hot chocolate and gaze at the beauty all around you? Sigh!
P.S: Also saw the famous Sherlock Homles pub. Not that I am a fan of Sherlock, but it did get me excited!

Sherlock Holmes Pub (apologies for the blurred image. Took it from a moving bus)

As an Indian, what also amazed me was the sheer number of Indian restaurants and really good ones too. Apparently, Londoners love Indian food and Chicken Tikka Masala as much as we do. Wohoo! I also visited Lord’s cricket stadium where the most famous and the best of Indian cricketers have played and made history there. It was a definite goose-bumps moment for the patriot in me.

Lord’s cricket stadium

Also as an Indian, the one thing that left me with bitter sweet emotions was the Kohinoor Diamond. Its so stunning and just oh-so-gorgeous. You feel the urge to keep looking at it. That’s the really good part about it. The bad part? It’s just in the not in my country. ( No offense to any political minded people reading this blog, be it Indians or Britishers )

The Tower Bridge

Here are a list of things I saw in London:
– Big Ben
– London Eye
– Tower Bridge
– Buckingham Palace
– Lord’s Stadium
– Wimbledon
– Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
– The Place Where Kohinoor Is a.k.a Crown Jewels
– Hyde Park
– Trafalgar Square

Another snapshot of the London Eye

When I visit London the next time ( oh, there will definitely be a next time ), this is what I want to do:
– Chill in those cafes!
– Visit Picadilly Circus
– Go on a road trip in the Suburbs/ Country side
– Cycle in the beautiful streets of London
– Visit the world’s first Hard Rock Cafe
– Explore London with some British friends
– Visit Platform 9 and Three Quarters and take a Harry Potter tour (I am a die hard Potter Maniac)
– Stay at least for a friggin’ month!

London has definitely touched my heart and has made its way into my list of ” My most favorite places in the world”.

It’s a place where you would expect to see swans swimming in the lake, a bell chiming to announce the time like in old times, women dressed in gorgeous gowns and hats, gentlemen smoking cigars, the royals riding about in horse-driven carriages and where you could just close your eyes and expect to wake up in the 16th century, again.

Trafalgar Square

P.S: If any of you are familiar with London or are from there, do tell me which are your favorite places in London and also which are the ”must-visit” ones. You will be helping out a fellow traveler.


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