Inner Chef: Made me go Nomnom!

And Inner Chef makes its way to my list of ”Best online food portals of Bangalore!”

I first came across Inner chef on Facebook and I was impressed enough that I downloaded the app. The variety and uniqueness really stunned me.

There were Paninis, Salads, Drinks and drool worthy Desserts. I was waiting for the perfect time to order from Inner Chef when they got in touch with me to send me a meal, complimentary from their end. I was ecstatic and overjoyed and I absolutely couldn’t wait!




I ordered for a combo of ‘’Chicken kri kri’’ with a salad and Panini, lemon and mint iced tea and a blueberry cheese cake. Here’s how truly amazing it was:

Lemon mint iced tea: It was not at all one of those sweet or lemony iced teas. It had a wonderful Indian twist to it. It was masaledaar, cold and just so refreshing, with the mint adding a great flavor to it.




Watermelon juice: I love watermelon and I must say, this is one of the most natural watermelon juices I have ever had. It was so fresh, with just the right amount of sweet.

Salad: I usually hate salads but this is one salad i wouldn’t mind having again. It had lettuce, almonds, orange, and pomegranate and feta cheese. As someone who doesn’t like almonds, I felt that could have been lesser in number. However, the pomegranate with the orange added a freshness to the salad and the feta cheese was just mind blowing. It was the perfect summer salad.




Grilled chicken Panini: The bread was very soft and so good to bite into. With that, the chicken was grilled and sautéed to perfection. The Panini also had lots of pepper, lettuce, capsicum and cheese. It’s honestly one of the best I have had. Its served with a spicy barbecue dip.




Belgian Blueberry Cheescake: One word- Heaven! Omg. What a dessert this was. It was layers of blueberry preserve, fresh cream and a crispy, crunchy layer at the bottom. I could not get enough of it.




Packing: Classy. That’s the word to describe it. They send it in a pretty green and white box with all the food packed in neat plastic containers. The dessert and drinks came in actual glass containers (wow!). They even had two , adorable heart shaped cookies!




Pricing: This entire meal comes up to around 500. The combo of salad and Panini is reasonable ( at Rs.240 ) with the cheese cake being comparatively pricey ( Rs.225 ). The entire meal is totally worth the price!


Dear Inner Chef, you guys are amazing. You may have a limited menu, but what you do have is just great. Your packaging, your app, your menu, everything shows real class. I loved everything that I ate and I would definitely order it again and again and again. Oh, and that cheese cake? I wouldn’t mind having that every day. Keep up the great work! 


Star Status:

Food- 4.5/5


Value for money-4/5


Happiness Quotient- 4.5/5


Note: This is a sponsored meal but the views expressed in this blog are solely my own and not influenced by any external sources.

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