Black tee and Blue Jeans!

Its summer, don’t wear black, they said. Don’t wear denims, they said. But let the haters talk. I wore black and i wore denims and I loved it!

So, when I found this black cropped tee recently with ‘’Sarcasm’’ written in big, bold letters, I knew I just had to buy it. I love my sarcasm so why not take it further?

I paired my new black cropped tee with blue, high waist skinny jeans. With this, I wore gold and brown wedge heels, bright gold hoops and yellow aviators. Black liner, bold lips and wild hair completed the look.







Where it’s from:

Tee- Ginger

Denims- Jealous 21

Hoops- Myntra

Aviators- Ray Bans

Also, I had always been this girl who had a very girly sense of fashion. I was more of a pink top, frilly skirt kinda girl and less of sporty tee and tight jeans. But, hey, fashion is about evolving and trying new things, right?

Lotsa love!



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