Luxury Dining at Shangri-La Bangalore

They call it ”Five Star” for a reason and Shangri-La personifies it. I have visited multiple Five Star Luxury Hotels before but Shangri-La just stood out.

Let me be honest, I am a sucker for hospitality. I love places that are welcoming, where the staff is friendly and where the people literally go out of their way to make you feel special and valued and that’s exactly what happened here. From the minute I stepped out of my car till the point I was seated at my table, I was treated like royalty. There is always a smiling face, somebody to hold the door for you, somebody to escort you. It was truly a wonderful experience, much more so because it was my birthday!

So, I chose to visit Caprese in Shangri-La for my birthday dinner, with the help of one of my food blogger friends. It’s located on the 18th floor, with warm interiors done up in hues of gold and cream and wide windows. Bangalore shone and gleamed like a diamond that night from our view above. The entire hotel has a look of elegance and class.

Moving on to what makes my soul smile, the food:

Bread platter: A lot of hotels give a complimentary bread platter, but the one they served here was huge. It consisted of two platters, with 6 pieces of bread on each, accompanied by three types of sauces. Amazing!

Pumpkin Soup with Cottage Cheese: What would normal restaurants do? Pour in the soup in some regular bowl with chunks of cottage cheese. What did Shangri La do? They placed a single cottage cheese in it and poured piping hot soup on it. And the soup was so mild, creamy and flavorful.



Bruschetta: This one had some wonderfully made bread, topped with fresh tomatoes and buratta cheese. The slight butter on the bread, the tomatoes and the creamy, light cheese was a delightful combination.


Penne Pasta: The pasta was soft and perfectly cooked. Since I love red sauce based pastas, I totally loved this one. It was tangy, oh so tasty and topped with eggplants.


Risotto with Mushroom: The rice used in this was puffy rice, which tasted so good in that risotto. The sauce was very creamy, cheesy with a touch of pepper and loads of mushrooms. Yum!

Deconstructed Tiramisu: It was just ”wow”! They gave us a
deconstructed Tiramisu and showed us how to prepare it. So you first put in the Italian Biscotti, followed by some mascarpone sauce, some cappuccino, more cream, topped with chocolate powder. Undoubtedly, one of the best Tiramisu’s I have ever had and is a must try.



Since I am a food blogger and it was also my birthday, they were kind enough to give us a complimentary Tiramisu, as well, which my family really enjoyed.

They also gave us a beautiful, complimentary appetizer- Caramelised fig with feta cheese. The sweet of the fig went beautifully with the light and refreshing cheese. I felt like I could eat 20 more!


The best part?

An amazing birthday cake! It was so very, very sweet of them to give me a huge marble cake, filled with gooey chocolate and vanilla macarons.


Star Status:
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Food- 4.5/5
Plating: 4.5
Service- 4.5/5
Hospitality- 5/5
Happiness Level: 6/5!

Why visit Caprese: Authentic cuisine, uniqueness in food (the soup, deconstructed Tiramisu, Caramelized figs, varieties in cheese), warm hospitality and an overall wonderful dining experience.

I would like to thank the restaurant manager, the chef, our steward, my food blogger friend and every staff in Shangr La who were kind enough to welcome us. You guys are doing an excellent job, so keep it up. I will be back soon.

And thank you for the perfect dinner, you made my birthday even more special!


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