Get High on Ice Creams at Stoned Monkey!

Summer is here and how!

I agree that it does get unbearably hot at times but it does have its advantages. So what do I love most about summers?

Ice creams!

Its the best time to try out all the best ice creams in town. Cones, scoops, sundaes, cold stone and more.
So, when one particular day turned out to be blazing, I decided I really needed some ice cream to cool me down. And that’s when I ended up at Stoned Monkey in Banashankari.


I have always been a fan of the cold stone concept ice creams. Just imagine, all of your favorite ingredients come together into one delicious mix. Oh yum!
The whole process is so much fun, the way they put it together, mash it up, add more, mash it again. Its such a good show. And the part where you can finally eat it? Ah, even better!

I got to try out three ice creams in Stoned Monkey. Here is how they fared:

Honey Bunny (Oh! Delicious):
If you love the flavours of butterscotch, caramel and honey, you will really love this. Its such a beautiful combination of butterscotch and honey with the vanilla ice cream. They also add some plain cake and almonds which bring a nice balance between soft and crunchy. So different and absolutely yum!



Mr.Rocher (I need a better man):
Frankly, I expected a LOT from this ice cream. Its FERRERO ROCHER, something that can never go wrong. I was waiting for some Ferrero Explosion in my mouth but I could hardly taste it. I guess it was too finely blended that I could taste nothing but plain chocolate. If you are a chocoholic, you can surely try it but do not expect anything extraordinary.



Red Romance (This Romance is one that I loved):
For Red Velvet lovers, this ice cream is paradise calling. This is Red Velvet cake mixed with vanilla ice cream. They also add a ”secret ingredient” that I really couldn’t figure out. It tasted slightly like strawberry. Whatever it was, it was great!
Without doubt, one of the best ice creams I have ever had, especially satisfying for the Red Velvet lover in me. It’s a must try.

photo-202 (1)


They also have a lot of other options to choose from and not only in ice creams. They have appetizers and cupcakes which I wanted to try but I couldn’t because the ice creams just filled me up.



If you are ever near the area and have some crazy ice cream cravings, this is THE place to go. Thanks, Team Stoned Monkey for being a savior to me.

Star Status:
Ice Creams: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 3.75/5
Happiness Quotient: 4/5

Sometimes, blogging about food is so difficult because it just brings out these cravings in me. Right now, my dreams are filled with Red Romance and I am heading out to Stoned Monkey to make those dreams the reality!

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