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One of the main reasons I became a blogger is because I love penning down my thoughts and experiences. Since my early childhood days, I remember carrying around a small diary with me on all my travels, where I would silently write down everything I saw or heard or observed.

But sadly, I must admit that of late, Diary and pen had been replaced by mobile and keypad. I hated it. I was a writer and I wanted to write, not type.

When my family planned a vacay to Bali, I knew just what I needed: A travel diary. And not any ordinary black diary but one that would allow me to capture the essence of my travelogues.

That’s when I came across Untitled Graphics. You see a lot of websites with luxury stationary or accessories but hardly any related to travel. When I saw that they had an entire ”travel” section, I was thrilled. Soon, I found the perfect diary for myself and I knew I had to have it.

collage 2
As an additional surprise, I also found these amazing travel tags. Personally for me, its so annoying to keep track of my luggage and even more so because I am always plagued with the phobia of ”What if my luggage gets lost or misplaced?”The travel tags at Untitled Graphics have name, address and mobile number. How cool is that?

When my products arrived, I was ecstatic. Frankly, it exceeded my expectations.


The travel tag has a cool graphic on the front and printed with:
”Nikita Nagaraj
   Jet Setter”
On the back, it has my address and mobile number. It is a shiny luggage tag but sturdy, which I am sure wont break easily.

Slack for iOS Upload (2)

The travel diary is a joy to behold. Not only can I write my experiences in it, I can do so much more.
Am I bored? I can solve puzzles, answer quizzes and more.
Am I keen on learning? There are facts and information.
The best part? There are places to stick my pictures. As a photo obsessed freak and a blogger, what more could I want? (I have added a few pictures of the inside of the diary to give you a little sneak peak)

Besides, the diary is so glossy, shiny and oh so pretty. The quality is amazing and I am sure it can withstand a lot of wear and tear during travel.

I took both of these with me to Bali and I saw quite a lot of people noticing it (yes, I am a proud owner!) I cannot wait to take it with me as I roam the world.

You can (and totally should) check out their website here and also have a look at their super amazing products here.

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P.S: This blog post is in collaboration with Untitled Graphics, but the views expressed are solely my own and not influenced by any external source.

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