Best of August!

Every day has something amazing to offer and what is life if you don’t cherish each of the little things? Whether it’s the joy of buying a new dress, eating good food, catching up with my blogger friends or just reliving some good memories.

And so, I thought, at the end of every month, I would make a blog post about all the wonderful things that happened in that month.

Here is the best of my August in pictures: 

Haircut time: I got a new Haircut! Face framing with side swept bangs. Yay! 


New dish alert: I tried the new Burger Pizza from Dominoes. It’s the ultimate combination of cheesy and spicy.. Yummm!


Blogger event: Attended a super fun food hunt event organized by MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council)


Breakfast Walk: Went for a breakfast walk to 5 places with my blogger friends. This Pongal with chutney was so comforting!


Prisma: I succumbed to the Prisma pressure and I love it now!


Mom-made: These are tomatoes stuffed with capsicum and corn. After all, there’s nothing like home food! 


Throwback: Last year, this time I was in Europe. It’s super sad that I can’t go back but I can relive it. 


Until next month 🙂


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