Wanna go on a ”Guilt Trip”?

Guilt trip koramangala

Place: Guilt Trip Koramangala
Known for: Desserts  

When I heard the name ‘’guilt trip’’ and got to know about all the scrumptious desserts they had, I knew I had to visit. So I starved myself for a few hours, mentally prepared myself to binge and walked into this place with a hell lot of enthusiasm.


Guilt Trip Koramangala At First Glance:

Well, the outside seating area looks pretty enough but there’s way too much noise from the road so it should be avoided. The inside looks cozy but frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with the ambiance. It neither gave the feel of a restaurant nor the comfortable vibe of the cafe. I just decided to ignore this because food is what ultimately matters for us gluttons, right?

I must mention here that the staff are quite untrained. Most of them are clueless about what’s on their menu. But since the place is new, I guess this can be temporarily overlooked.


What impressed me were the racks and racks of desserts everywhere: from dessert jars to cakes to pastries to cupcakes. It was like a wonderland for the dessert lover in me. I couldn’t wait to dig in!


Food, Glorious Food:

After a lot of deliberation, this is what we ordered:

Freak Shake (This isn’t on the main menu so ask for it): When I saw it, I went ‘’wow’’. It had thick chocolate and kit kat on the top and trust me, it tasted great. The chocolate was so gooey. However, the actual shake was a total disappointment. When you say ‘Freak Shake’, you expect something sinful but this tasted like a mild version of bournvita.


Roast Garlic Chicken: It was good stuff! The chicken could have been softer but it was cooked in a tangy-spicy sauce with ample seasoning. The sautéed veggies went perfectly well with it.


Herb Grilled Chicken Breast: Served with creamy mashed potatoes, mild rice and a wonderful salad, this dish was complete. The sauce was a delicious combination of creamy and spicy. 


Red Velvet with New York Cheesecake: The potential combination of red velvet and cheesecake excited me way too much. With layers of red velvet pastry, cheesecake and cream cheese, served with strawberry puree, it was sinful


Cupcakes: Tried Rainbow, Red Velvet, Snickers and Oreo. The Red Velvet and Rainbow flavors were quite disappointing and tasted the same. The frosting was too heavy and the cake too bland.

Oreo and Snicker were both good, though Snickers was my favourite. It had chocolate mixed with caramel and a touch of peanut butter. Drool!



Star Status:

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Plating: 3.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Happiness Level: 3.5/5

What’s good: Food, Variety of Desserts 
What’s not-so-good: Ambiance, Service 

What I think..

Overall, I feel the taste of desserts can be improved, though I must agree that the quality of the frosting and food seem to be very good. If you are a person who likes subtle, not-too-sweet desserts, you may feel overwhelmed, however if you love everything heavy and sugary sweet, then you will love it! Either ways, with the kind of variety available, if you are a dessert lover, Guilt trip Koramangala should be on your ‘’must visit’’ list!

Was this a guilt trip for me? Nah, not all, because I never feel guilty even after eating way more than I should! 😀

P.S: Does your fine sweet tooth crave for drool-worthy ice creams as well? You will love Stoned Monkey!


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