Desserts: Meet the Classics

We can all agree on the fact that desserts are a blessing to mankind. No matter what the mood or the occasion, dessert is always a great option!

There are some desserts that are suddenly seen everywhere with #trending and then disappear and then there are some that become everyone’s permanent favorite.

Read on to know the classic desserts that have made people fall in love:

1) Red Velvet:

Whether you put it in a milkshake, an ice cream or eat it as a cupcake or pastry, Red Velvet never disappoints. There’s something so satisfying about this dessert. Do you like your Red Velvet with Cream Cheese or Butter Cream? It’s a tough choice, indeed.



2) Tiramisu:

Coffee lovers will specifically vouch for this one. What can go wrong when cream is beautifully mixed with decadent coffee and a touch of chocolate? Not too sweet and a little bitter, it’s a match made in heaven.



3) Banoffee Pie:

Banana is one fruit that really agrees with desserts. It’s usually added into this pie as a paste or in some cases, fresh bananas are set on the top. Especially when it’s mixed with drool-worthy caramel and some fresh cream, it tastes amazing.



4) Brownies:

Brownies have really undergone a major makeover of late. Brownies with oreos, peanut butter, red velvet, nutella, marshmallows- you can take your pick. Though, of course nothing can beat the taste of a good ol’ brownie.



5) Panacotta:

If you like your desserts to be a little mild and subtle, this one is for you. Jelly-like and refreshing, panacotta will tease your taste buds without overwhelming you. Oh, and the fruit compote that is served with it is the cherry on top.



6) Carrot Cake:

This ain’t no fancy dessert but one that warms your heart. Mild carrot cake with some cream cheese frosting or a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side is the absolute choice when you are in the mood for some light indulgence. Though, nothing beats the taste of some home made carrot cake.



7) Cupcake:

What dessert do I want: Oreo, Blueberry, Vanilla or Butterscotch? When you just cannot make up your mind, cupcakes come to the rescue. These miniature desserts allow you to indulge in multiple flavors, because you can always eat more than just one.



8) Chocolate Cake:

Sometimes, no matter how creative or mind blowing a dessert is, it cannot give the happiness that a simple chocolate cake does. Chocolate is the biggest blessing and the star of all desserts. Layers of cake smeared with gooey melted chocolate, served with chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce. Go ahead, take a bite of paradise.



The number of desserts invented by sweet toothed humans cannot be counted or listed, but these are some of the many that have won hearts. Let’s hope that desserts will always be there to add some joy into our lives.  (All the images for this blog post have been sourced from Pinterest)

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