#LipstickLove: MAC Rebel!

MAC Rebel review

MAC Rebel Review:

With Rebel, MAC rained it’s magic over me. Never have I ever had a ”Omg! I want this beautiful shade right now” kinda feeling.

One day, I was just browsing through some magazine and I saw this shade of lipstick and boy, did I fall for it. Upon research, I found out that it was Rebel so off I went to the MAC store to make it mine.
I have a special love for it because this also happens to be my first lipstick from MAC.



Here’s why I loved it:

Very very smooth application. It so beautifully glides over your lips. The best part is the perfectly pointed tip that makes it especially easy to apply on the edges.
It’s definitely a matte lipstick but not the hard, sticky matte. It feels like satin with just a hint of gloss. Best part? It stays forever and doesn’t leak at all. It might fade a little after 6 hours, but that’s about it.



Color and look:
I would say it’s a deep plum shade with just a touch of dark pink. When you first see the lipstick, it may appear goth, but it isn’t.
It goes well with ethnic and western attire, light or dark colors. It’s so resilient!
I personally feel that it would suit all skin tones and I especially love how it looks on my dusky skin.


Packaging: It comes in the standard black MAC lipstick packaging
Price: Rs. 1500
Value for money- It’s MAC. Need I say more?
Where you can buy it: MAC stores, Online spaces
Star status: 4.5/5


Ditch those reds and pinks and opt for this shade. You will surely not regret it, if it’s something different that you are looking for. Hope my MAC Rebel review was helpful!

It’s time to ”Rebel”! 



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