Diwali Ready with Missa More.

I think Indian festivals are beautiful. There is happiness and cheer all around. We can see people preparing for it, beautifying their homes, inviting guests and just being happy.

Another reason why I love it is because I get to dress up. I can wear grand clothes, jewelry, make up and style my hair. Honestly, it is one of the main reasons why I look forward to festivals.

Diwali is just round the corner and obviously, I was all psyched up to decide what I would wear. Since it isn’t a very big festival for me, I did not want to wear anything too grand. I wanted to keep it simple yet stylish.  And thus, my search for the perfect Diwali outfit took me to Missa More.

I have always loved their clothing because it has something unique to offer, whether it’s Indian or Western. As predicted, I ended up finding exactly what I wanted…

Ta-da.. Here it is:


It’s the perfect mix of tradition with style. The embroidery in bright colors and net, with shimmery black fabric looks beautiful. I also loved the gold zipper and the wide slit in the middle.

The black keeps it elegant while the flowers add a pop of color and cheer.


Instead of opting for a legging or a shimmer lehenga, I went for a plain black skirt in cotton. The effect of black on black was eye candy for me, indeed. With this, I wore golden stilettos.


I kept the jewelry to a bare minimum, opting for gold chandelier earrings and a set of 3 mismatched gold rings on my finger.


I wanted to do something different with my hair, so I styled it with a front twist and a side-sweep to show off my earrings. The big, green bindi added a bit of tradition to my outfit. Additionally, I chose rust colored eye shadow, winged liner and a lipstick in plum.


With this attire and look, I achieved the Diwali look that I was aiming for and I couldn’t be happier.



Where it’s from:

Top- Missa More

Skirt- Ginger

Rings- Westside

Lipstick- Rebel by MAC

What is your Diwali attire going to look like?

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