Diabetic Dessert Trail

Desserts are one of the best things that life has to offer. Who can ever say NO to those sweet darlings that make your taste buds and your soul happy?

Every person deserves to feel the joy and thrill of a sugar rush. And now, because of the effort of a few good people, everyone can feel it. Everyone, Including diabetic patients.

Semora, in association with Brittania NutriChoice and Diabetic Food Trail, ran a campaign in Bangalore with 20 restaurants to provide delicious food to diabetic patients. A part of this food trail was the dessert trail that happened at Fava and Caperberry in UB City, Smally’s Resto Cafe and The Ritz Carlton.


Me, along with a few other food bloggers were invited to try out these sugar free desserts. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive. Because in most of our minds, ‘’sugar free’’ translates into ‘’Some random thing that I am eating because I cannot eat the nice thing’’

But guess what? It was every bit as delicious as your regular dessert. Though the desserts were made with sugar substitutes and healthy ingredients like Oats, Millets, NutriChoice biscuits and the like, I could not find any difference at all. We were even told how many calories, carbs, protein and fats each dessert had.

All in all, we tried 9 desserts. Usually, if you eat 9 desserts, you are consuming thousands of calories that may end up harming you. But in this case, the calorie count for each dessert was just between 190-250 calories. Yummy desserts, Low cal. How amazingly awesome is that?

Here’s a quick recap of all the desserts we had:


Fresh Ricotta and Red Grape Timble:


Sugar-free Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate:




Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Decadence:


Panacotta with Orange:




No Bake Muesli Cheesecake with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies


Twisted Ragi Choco Cake with NutriChoice Essentials Ragi Cookies


The Ritz Carlton:

Dragon Fruit Mocktail


Apricot Cranberry Cup Cake

Plum Apple Strudel

Blueberry Mint Parfait


We even got to interact with the amazing minds behind these droolworthy desserts, a.k.a the chefs. They explained the thought that goes into making each of these desserts.

We also met Mrs. Seems Pinto, who has spearheaded this entire campaign. She explained to us why it is so close to her heart and how she aims to change the lives of diabetics through this campaign.

Overall, it was an extremely enriching, informative and an absolutely delicious experience to be part of!



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