Places I visited in 2016!

2016 was pretty much a horrible year for me. But even the darkest of days have a little sunshine and for me, my vacations were the sunshine in an otherwise gloomy year. After all, what can be more calming for your mind and soul than a trip to a beautiful place?


Here’s a quick glimpse at my travelogue:


  • Pondicherry- April:

Pondi is that kind of place you go to for soul searching and some peace. It has beautiful beaches, quaint little cafes, French buildings and the serene Auroville. Whether you are playing in the waters or roaming the streets of White Town, you will feel good from within.

Read my descriptive blog post on Pondicherry here.


  • Bali- May:

What can I say about Bali? It has a certain charm that you can never get tired of. It’s one of those places that can cater to every traveler’s demands. Be it nature, nightlife, beaches or adventure, Bali has it all. This tiny place is fierce! Few of my experiences here were truly once-in-a-lifetime kind.

Gili islands in Bali was my favourite. Read my blog on Gili here.


  • Sri Lanka- October:

Part of Sri Lanka is like an extension of Kerala but part of it is truly exotic. Their local culture is simply amazing. I must say that the pristine beach line of Sri Lanka stunned me into speechlessness. I enjoyed the sea, purchased a few precious gems, visited temples and did a lot more. Special mention goes to Galle. It made me feel like I was back in Europe!


  • Varkala- November:

Varkala is a tiny town tucked away in the heart of Kerala. The cliffs of Varkala overlook the beach, where one is welcomed with palm trees and balmy wind.  Since I needed some peace of mind, I escaped to this place. I did absolutely nothing except eat and play in the beach. The private beach resorts offer complete privacy and seclusion. It’s the place to go to when all one wants to do is unwind.


Quite noticeably, all the places I visited this year were beach places. Well, what can I see? The sea is where I feel most at home.

I am super excited for 2017. Let me see where the travel bug in me takes me this year. Here’s hoping for some adventure, serenity, beauty and love.


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