Menchies in Indiranagar: A FroYo Paradise!

When I was invited for a tasting session at Menchies in Indiranagar, I was super excited. Read on to know if it lived up to my expectations 🙂

Picture this: You are craving something sweet, might be some ice cream, a fancy dessert or a chocolate but you can’t eat it. You might be health conscious or figure conscious and you strictly tell yourself to munch on some oats instead.

Feeling hopeless? Well, you don’t have to be!

Now, you can have that delicious taste of something utterly sweet, but without the tension of that dreaded word ‘’fat’’.


For those of you who don’t know what FroYo is, it’s Frozen Yogurt. It tastes so much like ice cream that it actually confuses people.

Let me be clear: Frozen Yogurt is not curd. It does not taste like or resemble curd. Its consistency and taste is like an ice cream but it is NOT dessert or ice cream. It’s made from yogurt. It is absolutely amazing because it has the health benefits of yogurt and the deliciousness of ice cream.

Here are the health benefits:

Personally, I have been a fan of FroYo since forever and I always used to crib that there are no good places in Bangalore for yogurt lovers like myself. But now, I can celebrate thanks to Menchies in Indiranagar.

They bring really delicious, healthy yogurt in a variety of flavours all the way from California- Yay!

During my visit to Menchies, I got the chance to try out 10 wonderful flavors. They basically divide it into two categories:

  • Fruit (no fat): Strawberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Lemon etc
  • Chocolate (low fat): Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip, Tiramisu, Caramel Frappe, Nutella and others


In addition to so many flavors, they also have a large number of toppings like powdered oreo, kitkat, fresh fruits and stuff, along with sauces like caramel, chocolate and nutella crunchy (their in-house sauce)

The best part about Menchies? Its DIY! The machines are made in such a way that you can fill your own cups, instead of someone doing it for you!

Here’s how you can make your perfect FroYo sundae:

 Fill your cup with one, two or even ten flavors that you like

Add some toppings, be it fresh fruit or something chocolaty

Top it off with some delicious sauce

Voila, your delicious cup of FroYo is ready! 

Make the payment according to the weight of your FroYo cup. It’s that simple!


I made myself two cups:

Strawberry and Vanilla FroYo topped with Fresh Strawberry and some Chocolate Sauce

Nutella and Caramel Frappe FroYo topped with Crushed Oreo, Caramel Sauce and Nutella Crunchy Sauce.


Here’s the rundown of Menchies in Indiranagar:


  • One of a kind FroYo parlour in Bangalore
  • DIY yogurt bar
  • Flavours that change bi-monthly
  • Samplers of all the flavors available

Location: Menchies is located on 100ft road, right opposite to Toit Brewpub

Menchies in Indiranagar

Star Status:

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Taste- 4.5/5

Variety- 5/5



Judging by my enthusiasm, I think you can understand how much I truly cherished my experience here at Mechies in Indiranagar. The taste, variety and quality is great. I hope Menchies stays alive for a long, long time to satisfy all my yogurt cravings!

It has something for everyone- The young and old, the diet conscious and the hardcore gluttons. You won’t be disappointed. Why don’t you go check them out?



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