Go High on Ice Creams Again: Stoned Monkey Koramangala

Stoned Monkey Koramangala

TLF Reviews: Stoned Monkey Koramangala. 


When I write a blog post about a particular place, it means I like it. When I write two bog posts about the same place? It means that I frikkin’ love it!

Here’s presenting blog post number 2 on Stoned Monkey.

This amazing ice cream parlor that specializes in the cold stone concept has just opened another outlet. My blogger friend and I headed out to Stoned Monkey Koramangala to sample a few of their delicacies, so here’s the quick run down:



It’s a bright, colorful place and oh-so-cheery. A painting of a psychedelic monkey welcomes you, along with a beautiful wall in colors of brown and teal. Gandhiji’s famous 3 monkeys are also represented here in a quirky fashion.

Stoned Monkey Koramangala

Stoned Monkey Koramangala



Stoned Monkey prides itself on serving only the best of the best to their customers. Their ice creams, ingredients, cup cakes and everything is all premium and that is quite evident in the taste itself. The masters who create these concept ice creams are trained to make 30 odd combinations from just 6 base flavors. I also got the opportunity to interact with the owner- Mr.Vinay- who was kind enough to sit down with us and explain the entire thought behind Stoned Monkey Koramangala.

Stoned Monkey Koramangala

Stoned Monkey Koramangala


Ice creams & everything else:

They have a vast menu! I took 20 minutes to decide what I want to eat, because each item seemed more interesting than the other. Since I had already tried their Red Romance, Honey Bunny and Mr. Rocher ( to know my opinion of these flavours, you can read my first post on Stoned Monkey here), this time I decided to try Paan Benaras, Via Milano, Black Magic, Garlic Bread and Coffee-Oreo Cold Coffee:

Paan Benaras: This is quite a strong one, made with love for all those who are crazy about their Maghai Paan. It has vanilla ice cream mixed with some delicious gulkan, home-made maghai paan and dates. If you are ever confused about whether to have ice cream or paan, you now know where to go.

Stoned Monkey


Via Milano: Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies. Can it get better than this? Definitely not! Since I am a die-hard fan of chocolate and coffee, I feel this one is made for me. The taste of both the flavours blends beautifully. The Via Milano cookies added to this mix is the cherry on top.

Stoned Monkey


Garlic Bread: I think every dessert parlor should stock up some savories to provide a break between all that sweetness. The garlic bread here is an absolute delight. It is soft, fresh and topped with oodles of cheese and some chili flakes. A must try, I would say.

Stoned Monkey


Black Magic: For all those who like it strong, be it alcohol or ice cream, this one if for you. It’s a black currant ice cream beautifully mixed with liquor sponge and sauce. It’s not too sweet and slightly bitter. A perfect choice if you hate sugary sweet stuff.

Stoned Monkey


Coffee-Oreo Cold Coffee: I would say this is a cross between a cold coffee and a milkshake. The taste of caffeine and Oreo blended together is wonderful. However, I prefer my drinks with a bit of a crunch so some more Oreo would have been good.

Stoned Monkey


Star Status:

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Plating: 4/5

Taste: 4.5/5

Happiness Quotient: 4.5/5!


Location of Stoned Monkey Koramangala:

 #55, 5th Cross, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore

Next to Banana Beach Bar

My review of Stoned Monkey Banashankari:

Check it out here!


Being a foodie with an extravagant sweet tooth, I have visited tons of dessert places and ice cream parlors. I can confidently say that Stoned Monkey is one of my favorites. With ice creams, smoothies, cold coffee, cupcake and savories, everyone will find something that they will love. If you are the type who needs a regular dose of ice cream, you can easily make this your adda!

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