Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe: Cold Coffees and More

Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe

Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe

I don’t want to admit this. It really does hurt to say this but I gotta do it. It’s just March but the sun is beating on our heads. Gone is that golden era when Bangalore summers were mild and pleasant. We are in for some hot, sweaty day guys.

I don’t know about others but my appetite literally drops by 40% in summer. All I crave for are cold beverages, be it iced teas or cold coffees or just chilled tender coconut water.  And it gets really annoying to go to a coffee shop every time I want something cold to caress my throat.

But I don’t need to worry about that anymore. I have found an amazingly simple and absolutely delicious alternative: Oh My Goodness Cold Coffees by DropKaffe!


Here’s a checklist of why I swear by it:

Home delivery– Yes! Goodbye, Bangalore traffic.

Good packaging– Yes again. Bottles can be re-used too.

Great taste– Like duh. I don’t support anything that doesn’t taste great.

Isn’t that reason enough to try it already?


I tried 3 of their flavors:

Original– For those of you who love the plain ol’ cold coffee with no frills, this one’s for you. The original is as original as it can get.

Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe

Vanilla– If traditional with a tinge of extra flavor is what you’re looking for, this one will make you go Vani-la-la. Get it?

Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe

Hazelnut– My personal favorite! It reminds me of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella. What can be better than that?!

Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe

P.S- I must say that their coffees aren’t too strong. They are quite on the milder side. So if you are looking specifically for a caffeine kick, this may not work for you.

In addition to these, they also have health drinks and wonderful smoothies which seem to be so tempting that I have decided to try them out, though I am not really the person who counts calories.


Well, Oh My Goodness by DropKaffe has definitely made my life easier this summer. I can continue to sit on my couch lazily, watching multiple re-runs of Game of Thrones while they deliver my wonderful cold coffee to me.


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