3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore: Hawa Hawaii!

3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore

 3 Dots and A Dash Bangalore


The cheery traditions of Hawaii have always enthralled me. From their beach parties to tikitiki cocktails, the floral garlands to high tempo beats, it’s all so fun and mesmerizing, isn’t it?

I cannot count the number of times I have dreamed of going to Hawaii and living their life. Sigh! All dreams cannot come true, can they? But some can. If you cannot go to Hawaii, let it come to you.


I am talking about Bangalore’s one and only Hawaiin style cocktail bar- 3 dots and a dash! The name itself is quite catchy, don’t you think? The words ”Three Dots and a Dash” are Morse code for the letter V, which stands for victory.

Located in Indiranagar, this amazing pub has been created in typical Hawaiian style. With bamboo furniture, tribal art, funky music and their signature tiki tiki cocktails, they make you forget that you are in Bangalore. A special shout out goes to their innovative cocktails, because they are truly mind-blowing!

One sunny Sunday afternoon, we were invited here to try out their new menu. What with the sweltering heat and my hunger pangs, I was quite ready to sip on some cool cocktails and indulge in their food.

With no more ado, let me get started on what I ate and drank at 3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore:

Fog Cutter: A thoroughly refreshing cocktail served in an actual coconut shell! It was a nice mix of sour and sweet with Gold Rum, Bourbon, Pineapple, Orange and Lime Juice. I would definitely recommend this one.

3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore

Pineapple Daiquiri: A classic cocktail, with a mix of dark rum and lime juice. To this delightful mix, they added pineapple as well. The cocktail was served with a slice of pineapple and a wild flower. It was definitely nice but not the best I have had. I think it’s better to stick to tiki tiki style cocktails here and avoid the classics.

3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore

Waldorf salad: The perfect summer salad. With grapes, walnuts and apple served on a bed of lettuce with a sweetish, light sauce and some mayo drizzled over it, it tasted amazing. A little sweet and very refreshing, it was the perfect start to our gastronomical course.

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushroom: Without doubt, my favorite dish of the day! This is basically sliced bread stuffed with mushroom and blended with herb cheese. I happen to love the combination of mushroom and cheese, so this was a godsend for me. It was cheesy and creamy with just a touch of spice. I totally recommend this one.

California Spud: Jacket stuffed potatoes with a twist! I will never say no to any dish with potatoes, so obviously I kinda pounced on this one. It had boiled potatoes topped with minced chicken, melted cheese, sour cream and olives. The potato and the cream was mild whereas the chicken was quite spicy. It was a great combination, overall.

Veg Croquettes: Fried croquettes stuffed with veggies and cheese. Though it was definitely cheesy and crunchy, I felt it was a little bland for my taste. Thankfully, the spicy mayo dip made up for it and added a nice extra touch to it.

Pizzaaaa: Can be pizza ever go really wrong? Nah, not really. The thin crust pizza here was perfectly made. I loved the thin, crunchy base. The toppings of veggies and chicken was adequate plus the cheese was gooey. Overall, a good one.

Vegetable Tangine: This was a very healthy dish, for all the calorie counters. It had cous-cous served with a spicy vegetable gravy. Frankly, I am not at all a fan of cou-cous, but the gravy was delicious. It was very Indian, with respect to the taste, ingredients and flavor.

Raspberry and Baileys Gateaux:  Oh, yummy. Full points for this dessert. It wasn’t too overwhelmingly sweet, nor did the bailey’s overpower it. The flavors of chocolate and cream mixed with raspberry and bailey’s made it sweet, creamy with a little ting of sour. Tingled my taste buds, definitely!

Hawaiian Banana Split: Loved the presentation of this one. It was served in a half cut pineapple, decorated with leaves. The dessert itself had vanilla ice cream, bananas, apples and fresh cream. However, other than the presentation, it was like a regular banana split. I felt the vanilla ice cream overpowered everything else. Hence, it could be made a little more exotic.


Star Status of 3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore: 

Ambiance: 4/5


Cocktails- 4.5/5

Food- 3.5

F&B: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Happiness Quotient: 4/5

This place has definitely found a place in my heart and has even made it’s way to my ”Favorites” list. 3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore, I will be back soon 🙂

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