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If there is one day which stands out like the sun in a haze of stars, it’s the wedding day. The day where every girl fantasises about looking perfect, wearing just the right things and experiencing her own fairy tale. It’s all about her bridal sarees, her ensembles, jewellery, make up and more. Every bride wants her to-be-husband to fall in love with her all over again when he sees her in all her bridal glory.

While there are certain customs that every bride must follow, there are many things she can do to stand out from the rest. Though one can never get over the grandeur of a statement neckpiece or the enchanting sway of jhumkas, there is another piece of jewellery that adds that extra charm to the bridal avatar: The Maang Tikka. Though Maang Tikkas have always been a part of tradition, it’s undergone a trendy makeover that makes it more fashionable that traditional.

There is no doubt about it: The current jewellery trend for brides is the Maang Tikka and It’s here to stay. In this blog post, which is brought to you by IndiaRush and TLF, we are going to talk about the different types of Maang Tikkas that you can match with your bridal sarees and how you can style them.


Chandelier Maang Tikka:

This can definitely be called the most traditional of them all, as it’s been making brides beautiful since ages. However, as they say, old is gold indeed, because this seems to be the most popular one. It goes beautifully with all kinds of bridal sarees and attires. It’s perfect for those who are quite tall and have a broad face and a bigger forehead. Go grand with this maang tikka.


Pendant style Maang Tikka:

The simplest one is the pendant style Maang Tikka. It’s best suited for simple occasions and outfits like salwars, lehengas and sarees on the lighter side. However, for brides who are going all out with other jewellery, this would be a perfect fit as it adds a nice touch without overshadowing or clashing with the bridal saree or other ornaments. They can be worn by anybody as they are simple and elegant.


Borli Maang Tikka:

Sent to the rest of India with love, all the way from Rajasthan and Haryana is this gorgeous and unique Maang Tikka. Unlike the others, this one doesn’t caress your forehead. It stays fixed at your hairline. It adds a very regal and old-worldly touch to the entire look. The borla is adorned with crafted pearls, diamonds, crystals, precious stones and the like. To carry this off, make sure your bridal saree is purely traditional as this won’t be a good match for contemporary designs.


Matha Patti:

Without doubt, the Matha Patti is the hottest trend of the season. From lehengas to bridal sarees, this style suits them all. The additional gold links that adorns the hair makes this unique and accentuates the ghunghat or the bridal veil. To wear this well, make sure that your face is not too crowded with heavy make-up or other ornaments. The Matha Patti is for stealing the limelight, not for being a supporting actress.


Side Maang Tikka:

If you have watched movies like Mughal-E-Azham that portray the Muslim culture, you’ll know that this is the traditional Maang Tikka for Muslim brides. But these are so utterly gorgeous and grand, it’s no wonder that we have adapted it as well. They go beautifully well with colors like green, red, black and gold. To proudly show off this beauty, opt for side partition like a side plait or side swept flowy hair.


Being a bride is never easy, but it’s still one of the most cherished experiences of life. Don’t be afraid to experiment and just be yourself.

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. It is in collaboration with IndiaRush to discuss the latest trends in the wedding world.



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