Best Free Things to Do In Prague: Yes, They Are All Amazing!

Free Things To Do In Prague 

What the world knows as Prague is known as Praha in Europe. Praha. The name itself sounds so magical, doesn’t it? The beautiful city is an embodiment of its name.

(Psst.. before I go on, do you know that my love for travel started with my first visit to Europe? Yes! You can read about it here.)

Moving on..

The entire city of Prague reminded me of a fairy tale set in the 1960’s. Cobbled streets, regal monuments, beautiful churches and cute cafes give Prague a lively yet elegant vibe. It’s a typical European city that’s perfect for couples and solo travellers. The best part about Prague is that you can have a great time for free! Nope, I ain’t kidding. Prague has a lot of free things that you can enjoy, which don’t really require you to pay.

Since I went along with my friends on a backpacking trip, we were on a strict budget and hence, most of the places we visited were free of cost. Here’s a run-down of all the places we visited in Prague:


Charles Bridge:

Prague can literally be called the city of bridges. The river Vlatava flows throughout Prague in a meandering course and cuts through the city at various points. That’s where the bridges come to play. Not metal bridges, but beautiful stone ones. Out of all the tens of bridges that are there in Prague, Charles Bridge is the most attractive, lively and unique.

The entrance to the bridge has a stunning arch through which the bridge as well as the Prague castle beyond is visible. On Charles Bridge, you’ll find spectacular views of the river, hills and houses, live music, instrumental and vocal, live portraits being drawn and absolutely intricate and gorgeous jewellery for women. This place is more of an experience than just a bridge.


Letensky Sadie:

Sadie means ‘’park’’ and there seem to be a lot of them in Prague. While we were walking around, we spotted this red big structure like a windmill atop a hill and just decided to head up there. This park is gigantic. They have space for sitting, cycling, jogging, dog walking and more. One of the best things to do here is sit on the parapet wall and admire the glorious view of Prague below. Oh, it has a charming (though slightly expensive) cafe too.

letensky sadie prague


Prague Castle:

It’s humongous and absolutely stunning. Located on top of yet another hill, the Prague castle stands tall and beautiful. The architecture and meticulous planning will ensure that you spend at least 2 hours here. It also has a classic European church inside the premises. The view from the castle grounds is splendid and you’ll also get to hear some live music performed by street musicians.

Tip: Apparently there’s a small town located below the castle called the ‘’Hidden Town’’ that looks like it’s straight out of a story book. We had to skip it because we were too pressed for time but it’s supposed to be stunning.

prague castle

prague castle


Petrinsky Sadie:

I must say I am really jealous of those living in Prague, just for their beautiful parks. This one is located quite close to the letensky Sadie and Prague castle. It’s again located on a steep hill, covered by tufty grass and trees. I mus say visiting this place is one of the best among all the free things to do in Prague. There are three main attractions on Petrinsky Sadie. Here they are:

Petrinsky tower: To describe it in three words, it is basically a miniature Eiffel Tower. It looks smaller and much more modernised than the tradition Tour Eiffel. The view from the top of the tower is supposed to be an unforgettable one but there is an entrance fee to it, hence we decided to skip it. My advice is to give this a miss because the view from the park is good enough.

Petrsinky tower Prague

Mirror Maze: This one is definitely forgettable. There’s absolutely nothing great or unique about this extremely small mirror maze. It belongs in a kid’s amusement park. Out of all the things I saw in Prague, this was the most disappointing.

Magical Cavern: Go on, enter this place and be prepared to get mesmerised. Magical Cavern is a gypsy art gallery owned by an artist who lives there. His paintings are of mythical creatures and enchanted lands, which belong in a surreal world he has created in his head. Dim lighting, wax covered ceilings, seductive music and the scent of apple cider will make you forget that you are in Prague. This has an entrance fee, but it’s definitely worth it.

magical cavern prague


John Lennon Wall:

The first thing to keep in mind when visiting this wall is to not have high expectations. It hardly has anything to do with Mr. Lennon and yes, it’s technically just a highly graffitied wall. But I would still say it’s worth a visit. The graffiti is so colourful and nice, with a frame that says ‘’The Beatles’’. A visit to Prague is incomplete without a visit to John Lennon Wall.

P.S- The bright colours will ensure you get delightfully artistic pictures!


Wenceslas Square:

In the centre of Wenceslas square lies a big black statue as a tribute to martyrs. The square itself is gigantic, but an absolute beauty. The cobbled street is lined on both sides with shops and cafes. From the biggest of brands to the smallest of stores, it’s all here. If you want to indulge in some retail therapy, this is the place to go. Just take a walk around the square as you sip on some coffee, shop a little or just sit on the benches and enjoy the lively atmosphere.


Old Town Square and Clock Tower:

One of the biggest highlights of Prague is the traditional clock tower located in the heart of the city. Every hour, when the clock transitions, there’s an extravagant show that happens. Bells ringing, little puppets drumming and playing instruments, dummy birds flying and more is what you get to see. People wait for 5-10 minutes to catch this spectacle and record it in their hearts and their phones. The old town square surrounding the clock tower is again very pretty with colourful buildings, more statues and more cafes, truly capturing the real essence of Praha. Definitely worth a visit.


Ice Bar: 

This does not fall under the ”free things to do in Prague” list, but it’s surely worth a visit because Ice Bar is not a place, it’s an experience. At -7 degrees, Ice Bar is the coldest pub in Prague where you are allowed to stay for just 20 minutes (before you start freezing!). Wear some protective gear, down some shots in actual ice glasses, take some pictures and just dance to the music. It’ll definitely be an experience you won’t forget 🙂


Here are a few more tips from me to you:

Plan your trip: If you are going all the way to Prague, make sure you visit Budapest as well. Or you can jump to the scenic Austria.

Where to stay: Prague has many dormitories and some really nice Air BnB’s that cost not more than 8-15 euros a night. So skip the fancy hotels and stay in places where you can socialise with travellers from all over the world.

F&B: Prague is a little expensive when it comes to F&B, so be prepared to shell out quite a lot for food. Each meal in Prague might cost somewhere around 10-15 Euros.

Other things to do: With a little more budget, there are a lot more things you can do. They have wonderful plays and musicals that you can entertain yourself with. You can also attend river side parties, brunch in expensive cafes and go on pub crawls.

Transportation: Though Prague has an extensive tram network, I would suggest you ditch the trams and explore the city by foot to get the real feel.

If Prague isn’t on your wishlist already, it definitely should be. With magic, gorgeous sights, a hint of romance and lots of history, this quaint place will leave you spell bound.

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Happy Travelling!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to visit Prague for ages now! Walking around and just exploring is probably my favorite way to get to know a city.

  2. Prague looks like an exciting city! I have never been, but it is on my bucket list for sure! The John lennon wall looks pretty neat!

  3. Prague Castle looks amazing! Although it does look pretty cold out there on your first trip. I’ve never been to an ice bar, I like that you have a time limit before you have to get outta there. It’d make trips to the pub with the bf a bit shorter 😉

  4. I’m from Budapest, so really not that far from Prague and yet never visited this city.. what a shame it looks really gorgeous with lot of fun and free activities!

  5. I loved Prague. Strolling along the Charles Bridge at sunset was one of my favorite things. I only had about 11 hours in the city because it was a stop before an overnight train to Poland, and I’d love to come back and spend some more time exploring.

  6. While we were planning our upcoming trip to Europe, we were going to visit Prague but then decided against it – this post makes me regret that 🙁 hopefully another time!

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