DIY Room Decor Ideas: Fancy, Easy and Oh-So-Pretty!

diy room decor ideas

DIY Room Decor Ideas

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to come back to a beautiful home? After a long, tiring day at work, all you want is a comfortable bed to sink into and a pretty room that you can call your own. A room that personifies you and tells the world what kind of a person you are: Are you a girly-girl, do you travel a lot, do you take a lot of pictures, are you a bookworm and more!

And that’s why, it’s amazing to have a room that talks for you. Most of the time, though, you rarely find home décor that suits your soul and mood. It’s either too generic or grossly overpriced. Well, no worries, DIY to the rescue.

Here’s bringing you 5 gorgeous DIY room décor ideas. Simple, cost-effective and absolutely magical:


1.Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Most of the times, we focus so much on wall décor, that we forget about mirrors. Mirrors are a great accessory to dress up as you like. This is what you can do:

  • Stick monotone or colorful stones on the corners to make it blingy
  • Make it shimmery by applying glue on the borders and then adding glitter powder on it
  • Buy the ready-to-use plastic flowers and stick it along the corners or get creative with it!
  • Feel like you are in a green room by adorning the mirror with fairy lights

flower makeup mirror More:

100 micro string lights:

20 #Recycling Ideas Turning CDs into Recycled Crafts, Artworks and Jewelry:


2. Get picturesque:

Pictures remind you of all the good times you’ve had. What can be better than getting cheered up by your happy memories when you are low? Stick the pictures on a wall, hang it on strings, mix it up with lights or pin them up on a bulletin board.

You can go for all monochrome or stick to a color theme that suits your room.

Decorate your walls with moments and people you never want to forget! Tap the image to shop our new gallery wall frames.:

Ideas para decorar una habitación con fotos:

tumblr | photography More:


3. Lights will guide you home:

A purpose of a light is not to just repel darkness. It adds cheer, liveliness, warmth and joy to an abode. Of course, all of us would prefer fancy chandeliers but when we can’t have them, we need to make do, don’t we? Fairy lights are the perfect room décor to add some instant happiness to your room.

Buy them in colors or gold. Wrap it around your mirror or bed, drape it with your curtains or pair it with your pictures. Because when it comes to DIY room decor, you can never really go wrong with lights:


Do this with bedroom hanging lights **like christmas lights but for inside** and an amazing bed cover thing like this.!! = AMAZING.!!:

Lights on bed frame and hanging from the ceiling:

I would love this and the bedding and wall color I already have♥️:

Our favourite country staple gets the holiday treatment in this DIY project: Simply fill a Mason jar with a bunch of string lights, then cluster together on a windowsill or entryway table. Get the tutorial at Making Lemonade. MORE: 50 best ways to use mason jars


4. Get artsy:

You are an artist and your room is your canvas. Grab that paintbrush, roll up your sleeves and get painting! Who needs boring, regular paint or over-hyped wallpaper when you can draw your dreams on the walls of your rooms?

You can stick to quotes that inspire you or simple ombre. If you want to go fancy, play with a lot of colors or designs. If you screw up? Big deal. Mistakes can sometimes be beautiful 😉 Besides, nothing says DIY room décor than hand-painted walls!


Personalized chevron wall decal, great in any room:

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade: Inspiration: Wall Mural by Geninne Zlatkis:


5. Backdrops got your back:

Wall hangings and photo frames are a thing of the past. Say hello to the new: fancy, DIY backdrops. These backdrops add that extra charm to your room, without breaking your wallet.

You can use DIY dream catchers, tassels, artificial flowers, hearts, stars, whatever. Make it colorful and bright.


How to Make This Ridiculously Adorable Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging:

Flower garland backdrop from Boho & Bubbly Baby Shower at Kara's Party Ideas. See all the details at!:


So, say no to those fancy overprized stores and opt for some good old DIY room décor. Not only will the room look like it’s yours, you’ll also have tons of fun and save money. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

P.S: All images for this blog post have been sourced from Pinterest.

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