Dear Indians, Travel To These Countries Without A Visa!

Presenting the wonderful visa free countries for Indians to travel to! All you Indian travellers, this one is for you:

International travel is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? You get to roam the globe, seeing new places, meeting people from all over the world, exploring cultures and cuisines. The only blip in an otherwise perfect scenario is the visa. Getting a visa can be quite troublesome, especially when the travel is all last minute. Well, here’s some good news.

If you feel the sudden urge to pack your buys and just jet-set-go, you can still do so without breaking your head about the dreaded V-word. There are many breath taking countries you can visit without a visa! Awesome or what?

So, Skyscanner (if you don’t know skyscanner, can you call yourself a traveller? :P) and TLF came together to give you this blog post that lists down those awesome-sauce, visa-free countries that should be in your bucket list. Psst.. there are some offers too! Check it out:



The African country is a lively destination with its buzzing markets, hip nightlife and fantastic cuisine! Indian travellers can visit the country without a visa for up to 90 days. Delve into African art and culture at the Musée Théodore Monod, or catch a breath-taking view of the city at the Pont Faidherbe. Mark the evening at the Théatre de L’Engouement that stages performance arts and concerts.

Pro saving tip: Skyscanner’s data reveals travellers can save 31% on the average fare if they travel in January.



The Caribbean vibe enraptures you as you enter Jamaica. Known for celebrating life to its full vigour, Jamaica is ideal for the laidback traveller. Experience the best of street music. Eat delectable seafood at the Little Ochie and Toscanini and be sure to take a tour of the famed Blue Lagoon and a walk to the Reach falls. It’s exotic, full of life and absolutely charming.

Pro saving tip: February is the cheapest month to visit Jamaica as travellers can avail 32% savings on the fare.



The combination of stunning landscapes, architectural wonders, and colourful cities makes Nepal’s exotic locale a great destination for independent travellers and group trekkers alike. The vibrant restaurant scene of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu offers a surprisingly vast choice of dining options, ranging from traditional Nepali restaurants to the best of European fine dining.

Tourism is relatively new to Nepal with much of the land untouched and Indian travellers do not require a visa to enjoy Himalayan vistas.

Pro saving tip: The best time to time to travel to Nepal is January when you can save a 26% saving on flights.




Find unparalleled luxury amidst sparkling sand – Maldives is the perfect beach haven for travellers and honeymooners! The country is home to blue lagoons and coral reefs; and a rich underwater life with astonishing species like manta rays, turtles, sharks and even the world’s largest fish – the whale shark. Experience wonderfully exotic food at the Seagull Café House or the Thai at Thai Wok. Indians can visit the country without a visa for up to 90 days.

Pro savings tip: Travel in February where you can save 8% on the air fare.



Mauritius gives you a postcard view of the Indian Ocean with sapphire-blue waters, powder-white beaches and, luxury resorts and Indian travellers can visit with no visa for a good 90 days. A wonderfully aromatic pot of flavours with influence from French, Chinese and Indian communities, Mauritius has some fancy names to boast of such as Lambic and Domaine. Ring in the tune at the Peg & Marlin bar that transforms into Port Louis’ only live-music venue. Yes, this beauty also falls under the list of visa free countries for Indians.

Pro savings tip: Recommended time to visit the island is in July as travellers can avail a 7% saving on the ticket.



Surrounded in mystery and tranquillity, this mountain beauty celebrates its ethnicity as much as its growing urban culture. Bhutan also boasts of being one of the most expensive locations in the world with a minimum tariff of 250$ dollars a day! While the country has, a strong Buddhist connect, it also houses some of the finest boutique resorts and hotels. If history interests you then take a private tour of the Pashupatinath Temple and Swyambhunath Stupa. Indian travellers do not require a visa for Bhutan.

Pro savings tip: Best to book in February with a 23% saving on the fare.

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About Skyscanner:

Well, most of the travellers do know and swear by Skyscanner for providing the best deals on travel bookings. But in case you are an aspiring traveller or got bitten by the travel bug only recently, here are some fancy facts for you:

Skyscanner is an international travel search engine that compares hoardes of travel agents and airlines, all under one roof and for free. It was founded in 2003 and they now help around a whopping 60 million people each month for all their travel needs!

And since they believe in diversity, the site is accessible in 30 languages. Well, kudos!


Are any of these on your bucket list? If not, they should be! Pack your bags and get going, without any hassles.

Happy travelling 🙂

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