Rock That Military Look, With Some Swag & Cool!

how to rock the military look

Want to know how to rock the Military Look?

Well, read on: 

I think personal fashion is forever evolving. What you wear has a lot to do with who you are and what kind of mindset you are in. As you grow, as you learn, your sense of style changes along with you.

I clearly remember the time when I couldn’t even think of wearing anything that could be called a little casual, tomboyish or macho. I was all pointy heels, flowy dresses and cute accessories. Coming across as feminine was my ultimate motto!

While there’s nothing wrong with that, I am now glad that I am more open to trying new styles and trends without stereotyping them into categories. Since #BossBabe is one of my favorite Instagram hashtags, I go around looking for stuff that will make me look swagger!

So, I put together my current mood with one of my current favorite trends: Urban Militia aka The Military Look!

rock the military look

For those of you who are unaware, Urban Militia is a clothing trend that basically has monochromatic dull tones like khakhi green, beige and brown, black and grey etc. They either have the military print, are plain or have funky block prints. It looks cool, neutral, swagger and definitely makes a statement. Since this isn’t a trend that everyone is familiar with, I thought I should give a few beginner’s tips on how to rock the military look.

military trend

I picked up the perfect Urban Militia Skirt from Pink Flamingo Clothing. Instead of opting for the everywhere seen khakhi shade, I opted for white, black and grey. I paired this with a plain black cropped tee, black casual shoes and sunglasses. Just for an extra touch, I put on a simple white and silver chain. If you notice, I have kept everything on the same tone, without opting for contrasts, because I wanted my skirt to be the highlight.

The whole look was very cool, laidback, comfortable and macho.

I was very happy with my look! Did I look #BossBabe types? Oh, I definitely think so!


Style tips:

  • Go subtle and basic when it comes to Urban Militia. This style is for making a statement with understated clothing.
  • You can opt for skirts, trousers or shirts and pair them with plain/basic apparel.
  • Shoes, of course, look great with this style but heels would look great too! Picture this: A white shirt (tucked in), an Urban Militia trousers, killer grey stillettos and sunglasses. I like what I see, do you?
  • Opt for wild hair! Curls, side braids/ponytails, man-buns etc
  • This outfit will look great for anything outdoorsy, like a camping trip, road trip, barbeque or an outdoor party.
  • Must have accessory: Sunglasses!


As I rolled up my sleeves and strutted around, I felt like I was ready to be a part of Charlie’s Angels! After reading this post, I hope you are are aware of how to rock the military look too 🙂

urban militia


Where it’s from:

Skirt- PFC

Top- Forever 21

Shoes- Commercial Street

Sunglasses- Fasttrack

Chain- DIY! I have used dangler earrings as a pendant 😀


This is the second post in collaboration with the new clothing brand- Pink Flamingo Clothing. The first post featured me in a bright, summery off shoulder top and a floral wreath! Go on, check it out here.



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