Say Namaste To Yoga Bars: Your New Snack Buddy!

yoga bars review

Yoga Bars Review


Hunger pangs. It never leaves you, does it?

Whether you are working at your desk, zapping from place to place, indulging in some shopping or just running errands, hunger is right behind you! Well, it’s great to get hungry, because it’s the sign of a healthy body but what is not great is what we end up snacking on.

I am usually so busy and tired and lazy, that when I get hungry, I just grab whatever I can find, even if it’s unhealthy, calorie-filled or fatty. I am sure a lot of you can relate to that.

One day at work, I was starving. The lunch amma had sent me-dosa and chutney- had failed to fill my tummy. I was so tempted to just go down and eat some hot, hot samosas but I thought ‘’Enough of this, Nikita! Get a grip. At least try to eat healthy’’

So when I heard about Yoga Bars- the perfect, healthy and tasty snack partner, I was elated. I was hopeful that I had finally found a great alternative to my binge sessions. And I thought I should definitely write a Yoga Bars review to help out my fellow humans!

yoga bars review

What are Yoga Bars? They are nutrition and protein bars, made of healthy ingredients and loads of goodness to fill up your stomach and get you high on energy! I opted for a box of 6 flavours.

nutrition bars

I got to try Cashew Orange Zest, Chocolate Chunk Nut, Cardamom Coconut Chew, Nuts Seeds & Crunch, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Almond

Out of all of them, my personal favourite were the Chocolate Chunk Nut and Peanut Butter.

These bars aren’t sweet but neither are they bland. They taste quite good and fill you up immediately. The best part? Only natural ingredients like whole grains, honey, nuts, seeds and extracts are added. There’s no artificial flavoring, colors, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

However, I should mention that the taste will have certain setbacks because of the natural ingredients used. It’s obviously not as sinful as a bar of chocolate, but we all know why we are opting for these, right?

Where you can buy them:Yoga Bars website, all the supermarkets like Nature’s Basket, More, Reliance Fresh and other sites like Amazon.

I hope my Yoga Bars review convinces you to ditch the junk! These bars are pure, fresh, healthy and wholesome.  🙂

Star Status:

Packaging- 4.5/5

Loved it. Bright colors, shiny wrappers and a compact box. 4.5/5

Quality-  4.5/5

No further words needed.

Taste-  3.5/5

Subjective, as I have already mentioned.

Price-  4/5

At Rs.35 per bar, it’s more reasonable than a calorie-filled Cadbury’s Silk.

Happiness Quotient-  4/5  

Happy body, happy me!


Now, it’s become a habit for me to carry one along with me, wherever I go. Maybe you should start doing that too, if you are fed up of your snacking habits 😉


P.S- This is a collaboration post but the opinions, as always, are my own.

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