#LipstickLove: My Top Picks From The Best!

best lipsticks in india

Best lipsticks in India: My top picks!  

You know, it’s really difficult being ME. Few people like clothes, few dig on perfumes, few have a shoe fetish, but me? Oh, I like everything!

Clothes, accessories, makeup, body care products, books.. name it, I want it. Unfortunately, due to my acne problem, I don’t use too much face make up. But if there’s one cosmetic that I absolutely cannot function without, it’s LIPSTICKS. I may even step out of my house without sunscreen (Which is not a good thing, don’t be like me!), I will never ever be seen in public with a bit of lipstick.

I love how lipsticks can just brighten up my face, add so much color and vivacity and just change my face entirely. It’s close to magic J

Quite obviously, I am a lipstick hoarder, always dashing off to health and glow to pick another shade. And since I love matching every outfit to a different lipstick, I am well-stocked. Out of all that I possess, there are few that I am totally crushing on and I thought I should share them with all the pretty ones out there, because these are amazing!

So, go on and read about my current favourites from the list of best lipsticks in India. They are worth it:


Lady Danger by MAC-

Of course MAC is on my list! Can you even be a lipstick lover if you don’t possess a MAC? I don’t think so.

This one is orange in color. And no, I don’t mean the subtle or brick orange. It’s bright, in-your-face orange that makes your lips pop. It’s the perfect wear for summers, bright sunny days and can also look really kick-ass!

Additionally, it lasts really long, doesn’t leak and is matte. If you believe in ‘’Bold and Bright’’, this one is for you.


Luv Me by Colorbar-

I have to admit that colorbar is definitely one of my favorite lipstick brands. This particular color is a mix of dark pink and maroon. It’s deep, dark and adds some definition to the lips.

It goes perfectly with day and evening wear and even with ethnic apparel. Luv Me has become my go-to lipstick in recent times, because it makes me look sophisticated.

This lipstick lasts really long and I ain’t even exaggerating. It is a matte lipstick with a touch of gloss. The only con is that it has the tendency to leave its marks too deeply on anything and everything, so you gotta be careful.


Wine Divine:

The name does complete justice to this lipstick: The shade is absolutely divine! I wouldn’t really say it’s the color of wine, but it’s still amazing.

It’s a dark brown, somewhere between a regular chocolate and a dark chocolate. However, it doesn’t have the goth look, unless you put it on really dark. It give a very dangerous, sexy look and I love it. I usually pair this with dark eye make-up and wild hair to pull it off.

Maybelline is again one of my favorite lipstick brands so not too many complaints. However, since this lipstick is from their most basic range, it isn’t as long lasting as the others. But it’s still good to go for at least 4 hours!


Tooty Fruity:

This pink lipstick is adorbs! It reminds me of cheer, bubble gum, flowers and all things girly. Let me kid you not, this shade is very pink and very pretty, which I love!

It is definitely not suitable for the evenings or anything glamorous, but is the perfect choice for the day and even for ethnic. It’s very cheerful and nice.

Also, it’s pure matte, completely long-lasting and doesn’t leak at all. Wohoo!

Here’s a swatch for your reference:


Where it’s available:

All these lipsticks are available online, on platforms like Nykaa, Purplle and Amazon. They are also available in Health and Glow (except for MAC, which is available only in the premium MAC outlets).


I will soon be stocking up on many more lipsticks, so I will definitely do a Part 2 of this one! 😉 Which do you think are some of the best lipsticks in India?

P.S: I have reviewed two other favourites of mine: Colorbar Hot,Hot,Hot and MAC Rebel. Do check them out 😀





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