Going Back To School Can Be Cool!

back to school outfit

 The Back To School Outfit

The beginning of June stands for only one thing in my mind: Going back to school. The start of another school year.

Well, it’s been 9 years since I finished school but the nostalgia hits me straight to the heart, every single year. I find myself remembering all that excitement: the thrill of buying a brand new backpack, a summer haircut, waiting to meet friends and classmates after 2 months and just the feel of entering class. Some of the best moments of life, don’t you think so?

Since I was carried away by the memories, I thought I should do a post to pay tribute to those glorious days. That’s when I decided to do a ‘’back-to-school’’ outfit look.

This look is quite popular and is not limited only to the younger kids. Back-to-school stands for anything that’s cool, comfortable, chic and casual. It means looking fashionable, young and sporty. There’s no sophistication or OTT dressing, just some fun and chill.

For my look, I decided to opt for a sporty skirt rather than a regular pair of jeans. With that, I paired a really cool cropped tee that says ‘’90’s girl’’. What can make you feel younger than a tee that reminds you of your roots?

back to school outfit

I wore sporty white platform sneakers, blue sunglasses and to further emphasize the radness, I chose a black backpack that doubles as an amazing tote too!

It was definitely very sporty, comfortable and cool AF. A rad back to school outfit, don’t you think? I just wish I could have walked into school again and sat down on one of the benches, waiting for my class teacher to walk in!

back to school outfit


Here are some tips on how to carry off the look:

  • Say no to anything elegant like pencil skirts, formals, blouses or ballroom dresses. Tees, ripped jeans, cool shirts and jersey dresses are what you need to think of!
  • Coming to accessories, avoid clutches, elegant handbags and fancy earrings. Caps, sporty watches, sunglasses, slings should be your new buddies.
  • Avoid colors that say ‘’sophistication’’ like purple, teal and the like. Opt for light, casual shades.
  • Layering is a great trend for this look. Opt for shirts, jackets and shrugs to get layering!
  • Play with your hair! Forget boring hairstyles and go for pretty braids, high ponytails, man-buns, messy buns, beach waves and the like.
  • Must have accessory: A cool backpack!

back to school outfit


Where it’s from:

Skirt- Abof

Tee- Elanic

Shades- Ray bans

Shoes- Myntra

Backpack- Singapore

With this back to school outfit post, I was aiming at two things: To talk about the back-to-school look and make you nostalgic about the good ‘ol days. Hope I managed to do both 😀

P.S- If you like casual dressing, my post on carrying off the military look might interest you. You can check it out here!

back to school outfit


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