The Secret Is Out: Best Time To Book Flights For Indian Travellers!

best time to book flights for indians


Best time to book flights for Indians:


Hello, all you fellow travellers! TLF and Skyscanner are back again to help you with another travel crisis and answer your question of:

When is the right time to book flights?

We all know how we break our heads. We sift through websites, trying to find that one flight that won’t break our pockets, amirite? Most of the time, we keep waiting and end up booking flights at the last minute.

In fact, a recent survey of Indian travellers revealed 72% do not know when the best time to book flights is. Skyscanner’s survey further unveiled 69% of travellers incorrectly estimate. They think that the best time is  less than 12 weeks before departure, when in fact the best deals are snapped up by travellers who plan in advance. It’s time to change that, don’t you think?

So read on to find out when is the best time to book flights for Indians and which the cheapest month for travel is. Here you go:


DestinationWeeks in advanceSavings
Dubai14, 1922%
Hong Kong1821%
Kuala Lumpur2435%
New York2418%
San Francisco2213%


Skyscanner also reveals the most inexpensive months to travel to visit some of Indian travellers’ favourite locations. November is the cheapest month to travel to Bangkok when flights 10% cheaper than the average fare, while visa-friendly Bali can be best enjoyed in April with a 10% saving on the average fare.

Cheapest month to travelSavings


I hope now you can be more clear on the best time to book flight tickets for Indians. Since I am addicted to travel, this is definitely a revelation and a blessing for me. I am sure it is the same for you too! Now, start planning your vacay already and remember: It’s never too early to start dreaming and doing 😉

You’ll get some fancy discounts and you can go have a ball of a time on your exotic vacay. It’s a win-win!


About Skycanner:

Well, most of the travellers do know and swear by Skyscanner for providing the best deals on travel bookings. But in case you are an aspiring traveller or got bitten by the travel bug only recently, here are some fancy facts for you:

Skyscanner is an international travel search engine that compares hoardes of travel agents and airlines, all under one roof and for free. It was founded in 2003 and they now help around a whopping 60 million people each month for all their travel needs!

And since they believe in diversity, the site is accessible in 30 languages. Well, kudos!


P.S- Skyscanner and I got together to share the list of really beautiful countries you can travel to without a visa! Is that cool or what? Go on, give it a read here.


*Cover photo credits: Google images

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