Titan: Glamming Up Glasses, One Frame At A Time!

titan eye plus

Titan Eye Plus:

Opening our eyes to the way we ”frame” fashion


I am going to start off this post with a question:

What do you really think of glasses? Or what is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘’glasses’’?

Let me pen down some of the common thoughts:

Nerdy. Geeky. So uncool. Chasmish. Grandmother. Hindrance. Fashion no-no. Boring. Liability.

Phew, that’s a long list, isn’t it? I have to admit that once upon a time, I used to think the same way. My eye sight began to play games with me when I was just 13 and there began the torture of glasses. Back then, we had no cool companies selling us swanky spectacles. We had around 10 options. My mother said no to contacts so there I was- feeling nerdy and ugly behind thick frames.

Let me take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief that things are way different now. Due to two reasons: Contacts and Availability of uber-cool glasses.

titan eye plus

Now all of you must have heard of Titan Eye Plus. They literally revolutionized the entire spectacles scene in India and made life simpler with their amazing, fashion-forward glasses. And frankly, it’s only because of them that I started viewing glasses in an all new light.

Their recent range of frames are totally stylish. They have one for every mood- suave, sporty, chic, retro, OTT and so much more.

I happened to pick one up from the collection and I went gaga over it. The shape of the frame, the sporty blue color and the wonderful blue matte finish gives it such a sophisticated and chic look. I feel so confident, sexy and comfortable AF in them.

If you still feel a little iffy wearing glasses everywhere, here are some style tips for you:

  • At least until you get comfortable, avoid pairing them with party wear like sarees, lehengas and evening dresses.
  • Shirts, tees and denims go very well with glasses
  • Try to oomph up your look with accessories like scarves, chunky jewellery etc
  • Make up is your best friend- go all out with darkly lined eyes or red lips
  • Play around with your hair and see what style goes well. For example- if your frame is sporty, a messy bun or a high ponytail will look great

As you can see, I paired them with an all blue ensemble for this photoshoot and I love how the frames looked on me. From here on, glasses will definitely not translate into boring for me!

Where it’s from:

Glasses- Titan Eye Plus

Tee- Bewakoof

Denims- ONLY

Heels- Metro Shoes

Set of rings- Westside Stores

Stole- Thrift (Tibetan Plaza, Brigade Road)

Photographs: Over The Raw

If you are in need of glasses, whether for power or for fun, you should definitely be heading to Titan Eye Plus. Because, trust me, they change the definition of glasses.

Let’s put some glam into glasses, shall we?

About Titan Eye Plus:

If you aren’t aware of Titan, well, fie on you! They are the go-to brand for glasses, contacts and any expertise when it comes to vision. Their products are the best in the market and they also provide top-notch service and quality. You may find them to be slightly pricier than their online counterparts, but hey, we can’t compromise on quality, can we?

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