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All those who know me know that I am a book geek. I can spend all my life buried behind the pages of a well-written paperback. And I shy away from movies. When people discuss films, I am just sitting there like ‘’Um, what?’’ But I gotta admit that even though I don’t religiously watch films, it is really hard to stay away from it. So, to pay homage to that, I got a customised tee online.

Today’s post and the tee-in-focus here (from PrintOctopus) is inspired by a movie character! The quote on the tee is from quite an old Bollywood film, said by quite a popular character.

customised tees


’Good Looks, Good Looks, Good Looks’’

Ring a bell yet?

Yes, it’s from K3G (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham),  said by the totally unforgettable character ‘’Pooooo’’, played by Kareena Kapoor. People had varied opinions about her, but I loved her. Way back in 2001, when the movie first released, I was an impressionable 9 year old.

To me, she was amazing. She stood for confidence, self-love and style. I wanted to grow up and be like her. Of course, I failed to realize that she was also vain and self-involved and kinda silly, but hey, everyone has flaws! Though I don’t still consider her to be my role model, I still love her for showing me back then that you need to love yourself and put yourself above all.

When I saw this tee on PrintOctopus, I was taken back down memory lane and I thought ‘’Why not store some of those childhood memories in my closet?’’ So, here we are!

customised tees

Coming to how I have styled it. Well, it’s so boring and typical to pair a tee with just denims and shoes, don’t you think? Tees can be made so much more than basic!

Hence, I decided to make this a little glammed up. I chose a short, black skirt, a pair of killer black heels, some funky sunnies and I used a button-down denim dress as a cape. I definitely loved the whole look! It came out exactly how I wanted: Effortless, uber-cool, super stylish and fun.

Where it’s from:

Tee- PrintOctopus

Skirt- Ginger

Denim Dress/ Cape- Pantaloons

Sunnies- The Beach Company

Heels- Kannabis

If you want to know other cool ways to style a tee, check out my post on the back-to-school look.

Finishing this off with one of Poo’s favorite quotes:

‘’ Tumhe koi hak nahi lagtha ki tum itni hot lago!’’

Moral of the story:

Love yourself and be confident AF, always!


Before you go, have you checked out PrintOctopus?

Though I was quite hesitant to order customised tees online, my apprehensions vanished when I got the product. PrintOctopus is a really cool site where you can buy quirky apparel, décor and more with funny quotes and prints. Whether your inspiration is travel, books, movies, pop culture or whatever, you will find something there to catch your fancy!

Besides, if you like to be behind the canvas, you can upload your cool designs too. Is that rad or what?

print octopus

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