Redefining Hair Goals With Hairbitat India!

natural hair treatment

Boy oh boy, Hairbitat India really offers some beautiful #HairGoals!

I am someone who has great hair (touch wood), but those tresses are plagued with some issues like dryness and dandruff because of all the time I’ve got my hair straightened.

And so, because of this, I have been on a pursuit. Not a pursuit of happiness like other people but the pursuit of a hair spa that would work wonders on my hair instead of loading up on chemicals. But, to be honest, most of the spa sessions I have attended have done little for my hair.

When I got to know about Hairbitat’s 100% natural spa, made with the power and goodness of 20 authentic Chinese herbs, I absolutely knew that I had to give it a try. Well, sometimes, as a millennial, I do argue with my mom that new is best but in this case, I was really proved wrong.

Before I narrate my experience, here’s some information about Hairbitat India:

Many years ago, a Chinese house wife discovered the benefits of these herbs and decided to use it for her tresses. And lo! It worked like magic. What started in Singapore came to India as well, to help us bid goodbye to our hair issues. It works on dandruff, hairfall, greying of hair and more.

natural hair treatment

And now let me narrate my experience here:

Step 1:

The expert stylist there made me feel totally comfortable and asked me about all the problems I was facing and my history with hairfall. She then took me through the benefits and let me know the procedure and costing for the same.

Step 2: Ginger tonic

She applied some ginger tonic on my hair and expertly spread it across my scalp. Along with this, she also nourished my tips with olive oil, which is an expert at removing dryness and split ends.

Benefits: Activates hair follicles, improved blood circulation, prevents follicle pimples and opens up the pores.

natural hair treatment

Step 3: Pack made from 20 herbs

For obvious reasons, I wasn’t informed of all the herbs that are used in this hair pack. My hair was completely covered and packed in a thick paste.

Benefits: Improves hair growth, reduces dandruff and oiliness, removes chemicals and minimises damage

Step 4: Hair spray

She used a really cool hair spray lightly on top of my tresses.

Benefits: Softening and smoothening of hair

Step 5: Steam

My hair was given steam for 45 minutes to let my hair soak in the goodness of the herbs. Also, they gave me a wonderful cup of warm herbal tea.

hairbitat india

Step 6: Hair wash

She used a cold menthol shampoo to rinse off the pack. The menthol is used to close the pores that have been opened by the ginger tonic.

Once they were done, the results were astounding. My hair felt way shinier, healthier and oh-so-soft. And the best part? The effects weren’t just momentary. Through the week and even after my hair wash, my hair was dandruff free, hair fall reduced and it looked way healthier.

Also, for optimum results, they recommend anywhere between 5-8 sessions, depending on the problems and requirement.

natural hair treatment


Look and feel of the place:

The place looks very posh and comfortable and the staff are extremely courteous and take great effort to explain everything. Also, their timings are pretty flexible. There are three outlets of Hairbitat India in Bangalore- JP Nagar, HSR Layout and UB City.


Effectiveness– 4/5 stars

Price– 3.5/5

Décor– 3.5/5

Staff– 4/5

Happiness Quotient– 4.5/5

hairbitat india

I have tried various spa sessions but there have been very few that really got my eyes popping into heart shaped emojis! Hence, #TLF totally recommends this. Let me know if you have any further queries 😊

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natural hair treatment

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