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Raw Pressery

A facial to clean up pores. A hair spa to keep those tresses shiny. A pedicure for sparkly clean toes. A massage for rejuvenation.

We do a lot of things to keep ourselves spic and span, don’t we? Have you, however, stopped and thought about your body? No, I don’t mean your outer, physical appearance, but your body.

In our quest for trying new food, indulging in ‘’pick-me-ups’’ and what not, we stuff ourselves. But do we cleanse? No. Unfortunately, there are no swanky salons that do clean ups for our bodies. However, there is something else:

Cleansing packs.

While I was searching for some detox drinks online, I recently stumbled upon Raw Pressery, a premium brand that makes freshly pressed juices, detox drinks and more, all to cleanse you from within. Since I was tired of feeling stuffed and bloated, I decided to give it a try. Out of all their wonderful options, I chose their new ‘’Fiber Cleanse Pack’’ that’s great for boosting metabolism, managing weight and detoxifying the body.

The pack contains of 6 bottles and one mini bottle. This cleanse should be done at least once a month for a period of 1 to 3 days, with the juices being consumed every once in 2.5 hours. Here is the regime for a day:


Kick start your day:

9: 00 A.M- TRIM

With Kale, Spinach, Green Apple and Amla, gear up to begin your detox.

detox drinks online

Mid-morning boost:

11:30 A.M- LIFE

Loaded with strawberry, blueberry, banana and pineapple, it helps you get rich in antioxidants

raw pressery

Noon goodness:


Tomato, capsicum, onion and celery come together to fill you up with fiber.

raw pressery

Half day, full awesomeness

4:30 P.M: SHIELD

The richness of orange, carrot and ginger boost your immunity

detox drinks online

Energized evenings  


With spinach, spring onion and coriander, bring down your cholesterol levels

raw pressery

Going light at night

9:30 P.M: LIGHT

A mix of matcha, guava, coconut milk and more comes with amazing anti-aging properties

detox drinks online

An extra dose of detox


Aloe Vera, nectar, rock salt help you with weight management

raw pressery


How to do this:

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine before starting the cleanse
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Avoid rigorous workouts
  4. Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Green tea is a good idea


Packaging: Neat, compact bottles that are spill proof, easy to carry around and so very colorful!

Delivery: Their delivery is quick, smooth and hassle free!

Price: Rs. 1400 for a 7 bottle pack. Though you can find cheaper detox drinks online, remember that it’s okay to pay a little more because quality is most important here.


My experience:

You may think that just surviving on these liquids might make you feel low on energy, but trust me, you are far from the truth. Each of them are extremely filling and satisfying and since it’s consumed at regular intervals, it won’t leave your tummy empty. In case you do feel a little hungry, munch on some fruits and vegetables.

Honestly, the cleanse left me feeling very light, fresh and energized. My stomach felt clearer than it had in ages. It was a wonderful experience, indeed.

It’s not just an effort to lose weight, but an effort to pay more attention to what my body is telling me. Being a food blogger and an avid foodie, I know it’s almost impossible for me to refrain from trying new cuisines, but there needs to be a balance!

I have made a promise to myself that I will take better care of my body. I am definitely going to do a cleanse at least once a month, because my body needs that love and attention.

So take a deep breath. Make a promise. Take care.


About Raw Pressery:

With a mission to make healthy the new cool, Raw Pressery is on a roll. They are available in various top cities of India, both online and offline. You can choose from a variety of beverages, packs, cleansers and more to choose what suits you best. They even have tips, steps and more on their website. When it comes to trying out detox drinks online, they win hands-down. 

P.S- I love their content too!


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