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I cannot even count the number of times I say:

‘’ OMG, I need a massage. Someone please pamper me!’’

And no, this isn’t drama. I actually do need it because my life is hectic af. What with the crazy Bangalore traffic, my full-time job, Zumba, friends and family and of course, my blog, it gets so damn difficult to get some ‘’Me’’ time.

Frankly, I always used to feel that the spas in Bangalore weren’t really great but the scene has vastly changed of late. Even start hotels opening their doors to accommodate spas where people like me can get pampered.

One that I came across was the Serena Spa, also known as Heaven On Earth. It is located in the Marriott Hotel, Whitefield and is one of the best spas in Bangalore. It just seemed so luxurious and tantalizing, that I made up my mind to go there to relax and unwind.

From the moment I entered, I loved it. It just ticked all my boxes: From extremely hospitable staff to an experienced masseuse, from a lovely, soothing ambiance to a jacuzzi and steam room, there was everything needed to make my experience amazing.

After a lot of deliberation (I was so confused because there were just way too many choices!), I opted for the Aroma Therapy 60 minute Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage.

Here’s a rundown of how it happened:

Step 1: The masseuse sat down with me and explained how it works and asked me my preference- Jacuzzi, Steam or Sauna

Step 2: I chose to go ahead with Jacuzzi because oh, the feeling of just lying down in a hot tub that sprays massaging jets of water is absolute bliss. The jacuzzi was huge and secluded. For around 20 minutes, I just lay there, almost comatose, totally loving the feel of the water and the soft music playing.

Step 3: I changed into my robe and the masseuse escorted me to a massage room. The best part here is that you can customise your experience according to the massage you’ve opted for and your preferences. From the music to the lighting to the pressure, you can choose them yourself.

Step 4: The massage.. ahh! I could literally feel all the stress and tension leaving my body. She applied the right pressure at the right places to loosen my muscles and make me turn into a squishy marshmallow, right there. It was definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten, in a wonderfully soothing ambiance.

Step 5: Once we were done with the massage (How did 60 minutes just fly by?!), I went directly into the steam room. It was swelteringly hot and steamy and I just sat there for another 15 minutes, savouring the zen mode that my body was in.

And then, I was done! I felt so damn pampered and sleepy and all things mushy.



If there’s another thing that I absolutely must mention, it’s the ambiance and the convenience of the spa. It’s all gold and cream with low lighting and mood music. It’s quite huge, with a separate section for men and women. They have quite a few rooms, including some for couple spa therapies. They also have many dressing rooms, lockers, washrooms, huge gilded mirrors and much more. It was so easy for me to clean up and re-apply my make up before heading out. No wonder it’s considered one of the best spas in bangalore.



I honestly thought that this place would be quite expensive, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. The prices are quite competent, compared to other high-end spas. The services are available for anywhere between 3000 to 10000, depending on the duration and kind of service.


In these hectic times where schedules and deadlines rule the roost, it’s obviously important to take some time off and relax. Additionally, massages really help in improving blood circulation, loosening the muscles and taking the stress away. I have really made up my mind to go in for a massage at least every once in 30-45 days.

Oh, goodness! I need a massage again 😉


 About Heaven On Earth:

With over 2 decades of experience and presence in 4 countries, the people at Heaven On Earth spa take their business seriously. Their aim is to blend in Indian and International holistic techniques to enhance the overall wellness of an individual.  You can check out their website to know more about what they offer, what they stand for and where they’re present.


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