Skirt Around And Double The Fun

how to style a skirt


One Skirt, Two Looks. 


This time around, I’ve tried something new and I hope all of you like it!

So, moving on…

How many times does it happen to you that you have multiple places to go in a day, without any time to go home in between and change?

Well, it happens to me ALL THE FRIKKIN’ TIME!

There are some days that are just crazy mad hectic but so much fun. There’s a quick outdoor brunch in the afternoon, followed by a classy sit-down party in the evening or something along those lines, which leaves me frustrated because of one main query:

‘’What do I wear?’’

As we all know, it’s almost not possible to wear the same outfit for two different kinds of events that happen at different times of the day or night and that’s why I end up choosing one staple outfit that I remix for the event. And frankly, this works like magic for me!

Here are three benefits of doing this:

  • I don’t have to repeat outfits (Shudder, shudder)
  • I don’t have to worry about going back home to change (Like that’s even possible in this traffic)
  • I don’t have to walk around the whole day carrying a trillion outfits (I don’t like extra baggage. Haha!)
  • It looks great, too! (Doesn’t it? Tell me it does)

Just to prove my love for it, I am doing this post on ‘’One Skirt, Two Looks’’ featuring a gorgeous, pleated skirt from Stalk Buy Love. Also, the neutral shade of the skirt goes well with everything!

Plus, this gives a basic idea on how to style a skirt.

So, going in..

Look 1: The Evening Look

Evening time calls for something more elegant and nothing says class like black. So, I wore a really simple black crop top, adding in a statement neckpiece in silver to glam it up. Also, the silver, transparent bag surely brightened up my outfit with some shimmer. The black wedges ensured that I stayed comfortable and chic on my feet.

How to style a skirt

pleated skirts online

How to style a skirt

pleated skirt


Look 2: The Day Look

I paired the skirt with a casual white tee from Print Octopus that I knotted at the waist to make it more fun. Hence, to further jazz it up and maintain the causal tone, I added a pair of really sexy, glamorous sunnies from Forever 21 that’s so in-your-face. And as you can see, the wedges remained the faithful companion.


How to style a skirt

reflectors sunglasses

How to style a skirt

pleated skirts online


Here are some tips to remix your outfits:

  • Choose one staple that you can work with- Like a top that can be worn with pants and a skirt, a dress that can be remixed with a blazer or jacket, skirts you can flirt with etc.
  • Ensure the staple is in a colour and style that’s neutral and goes well with all styles and occasions. For example- Something in bright, summery yellow will not go well for an evening event.
  • Accessories are your best friends. So go ahead and play around with sunglasses, jewellery and shoes to subtly alter the looks.
  • Another thing that’ll really help is experimenting with hair. Like a casual ponytail in the morning and an elegant up-do in the evening can work wonders!


I hope this post was helpful in also understanding how to style a skirt 🙂

I got some really amazing feedback on Instagram for this so I’ll definitely be doing more of this! And also because this worked out perfectly for me since I managed to change the look entirely without actually changing much. Yup, that’s how I like to roll: Minimum fuss, more fun.

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