A Fine Fusion..

A badass rebel and a sugar bunch,

All rolled into one.

Satin encased in steel,

A warrior princess.

She slays demons,

Doesn’t need no prince charming,

Yet dreams of fairy tales

And happy forever afters.

Sunshine, rainbows,

She brings with her.

Thunderstorms and lightning too,

Whatever suits her mood.

A heart that’s genteel,

Comes with fire that burns bright.

She’ll kiss your pain away or kick your ass,

Be warned.

Pink, frills and velvet she wears,

As she walks around being the boss she is.

Can’t you see?

She’s lace mixed with leather.

Black and white is not her cup of tea,

She thinks in colors,

But her favorite,

Her favorite remains grey.

She’s a fine fusion..

Of what she shows and what she hides,

Of bright sunny days and rain filled clouds,

Of a serene lake and stormy seas.

And at the end of it all,

She’s unapologetically herself.


TLF’s note:

This poem and look is something that’s truly close to my heart. The world is filled with stereotypes. ‘’You can’t be badass if you’re feminine, you can’t be dainty if you are a biker chick.’’ they say. And I think that’s absolute bullshit.

Through this look that combines Indian with western, traditional with modern, I wanted to show that we humans are a mass of contradictions and fusions. The denim jacket, crop top and sunglasses show me as a carefree, modern woman whereas the lehenga, bindi and chandbalis portray a more conservative, traditional side.

My point being: we can be more than one thing, we can be whoever we want to be and still own it.


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