Must Visit Places For This Year: Let’s Go Globetrippin’!


Wear your seat belts! 


A wise person once said ‘’A year spent without travel is a year wasted’’.

And that person was… ME! 😛

Well, jokes apart, I still honestly believe that everyone should aspire to travel to at least two new places every year. I have been maintaining a streak of 4-5 vacations in a year and I hope to improve that. Since it’s the New Year and all, I thought writing about travel trends for 2018 might be a great idea. Hence, I paired up with my old pal Skyscanner to do a recap of the best travel destinations of 2017 and talk about which destinations are going to trend this year.

Let’s begin with 2017!

The top destinations last year were:

Dubai, Bangkok, Bali, Singapore and London.

And guess what? I’ve actually visited all of them! It’s absolutely no surprise that they feature here because each destination is a stunner in its own way. The sand-scape of Dubai, the beautiful beaches of Bali, the sin and scintillating atmosphere of Bangkok, the old-world charm of London and the cosmopolitan charisma of Singapore are all swoon-worthy.

If you haven’t visited yet, you should as it’s never too late. Especially since places like Bali and Bangkok are quite affordable as well.

Now moving on to this year, here are the top travel destinations 2018:

Gold Coast, Australia: YOY (Year on year) increase by 142%

From picturesque national parks to thrilling adventure parks, Gold Coast has it all. Add to that pristine, happening beaches and a crazy party scene, you’re set to have one helluva adventure.


top travel destinations 2018


Hanoi, Vietnam: YOY increased by 81%

Vietnam is every backpacker’s paradise. You can cover this enthralling country under a strict budget. Indulging in the local cuisine, exploring places like a native and just spending days chilling is what you can do best at Vietnam.

top travel destinations 2018


Prague, Czech Republic: YOY increased by 71%

Oh, Prague! This is one place I’ve actually been to and can totally vouch for. You’ll surely fall in love with it’s cobbled lanes, mesmerizing architecture and European charm. And if beer and shooters are your thing, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.


top travel destinations 2018


Cairo, Egypt: YOY increased by 64%

One word: Pyramids. If not for anything else, a trip to Egypt is worth at least for it’s pyramids. What’s more, the golden aura created by the dessert, the smells and colors of the Souks and the country’s culture are all sure to stun you.


top travel destinations 2018


Koh Samui, Thailand: Increased by 50%

Blue beaches, blue skies. Need I say more? Koh Samui is the perfect place to unwind, relax and party away the whole night. It’s become THE place to go to for bachelor parties and reunions. Just go and make memories that you won’t be able to remember later 😉


top travel destinations 2018


Also, what with international travel becoming way more affordable and the glorious concept of long weekends, jet setting to a whole new destination is now easier than ever before.

If you ask me, I really want to visit Koh Samui this year. And Cairo. And Bali again. Actually, the list never ends. But with all those beautiful places calling out to me, can you really blame me?

*All images for this blog post have been taken from Google.

About Skyscanner:

Well, most of the traveler do know and swear by Skyscanner for providing the best deals on travel bookings. But in case you are an aspiring traveler or got bitten by the travel bug only recently, here are some fancy facts for you:

Skyscanner is an international travel search engine that compares hordes of travel agents and airlines, all under one roof and for free. It was founded in 2003 and they now help around a whopping 60 million people each month for all their travel needs! And since they believe in diversity, the site is accessible in 30 languages. Well, kudos!

Which places are on your bucket list this year? Do let me know 😊

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