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Book your transport. Go to the destination. Stay at any resort. Visit the typical tourist spots. Eat the same old food. Come back.

That is what holidaying use to be about.

Explore. Wander. Live like a local. Experiment with local cuisine. Take the unexplored paths. Learn the culture. Do something different. Experience a one-in-a-million feeling.

That’s how holidays should be done.

Gone is the time when holidaying was boring, predictable and ordinary. Now, thanks to the internet, people are more aware of the true essence of vacationing. They aren’t satisfied with just anything anymore. And to accommodate that, resorts, hotels, travel companies are also changing their products and services. They want to cater to the needs and wants of all those travellers.

One such resort chain I found that has really changed their game is Sterling Holidays. They’ve been in the market since years and know exactly what their guests want. And since guests now want experiential vacations, that’s what they’re giving.

They now promote the concept of #HolidayDifferently, where the focus is on providing an entire package and not just the stay. Each resort comes equipped with not just beautiful rooms, on-demand service, warmest of hospitality and delightful gourmet options. It comes with much more. Imagine spotting tigers at Corbett, or waking up to the backwaters of Kerala. Checking out the tea estates of Darjeeling or falling asleep to the sound of waves in Karwar. Sounds great doesn’t it?

There are many experiences and resorts to choose from, but here are my favorites:

Sterling Holidays, Dindi:

Located in the midst of river Godavari’s backwaters in Andhra Pradesh, Dindi is a hidden paradise. It is lush, secluded and absolutely perfect for a getaway.

You can spend your time cruising the backwaters on a houseboat, camping beneath a brilliantly deep blue sky to watch the stars or catch sight of rare birds that are native to the area.

sterling holidays

Sterling Holidays, Manali:

Manali needs absolutely no introduction as it remains one of the most famous tourist hot spots in India! This Sterling Resort is located in the heart of Manali, from where you can open your windows and doors to picturesque views and snow capped peaks. Just relax and breathe in the fresh air or get your adrenaline pumping with activities like River Rafting, Zorbing, Paragliding, Trekking and more.

sterling holidays

Sterling Holidays, Corbet:

The resort here is nestled in Corbet, Uttarakhand. A place that is known to be the home of the majestic Bengal Tiger and a gigantic national park. While the resort itself is surrounded by greenery, the park is even more spectacular. Go on an elephant safari, do some star gazing or opt for a jeep safari through the heart of the forest. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot that tiger!

sterling holidays

Sterling Holidays, Goa:

Goooaaaa! Who wouldn’t want to go back there again and again? Sterling has two beautiful, sprawling properties in Goa to choose from. Just chill out, sip on some drinks, go shopping or explore the crazy nightlife. This place has something to offer for everyone!

sterling holidays


Sterling Holidays, Thekkady:

This resort in Kerala is woodsy, cosy and super nice. Located near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady is another gem of the state. It’s perfect for people who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy a cruise safari on the Periyar River while you watch elephants play near the water, go on a trek or cycle around the place.

sterling holidays


Apart from these five, they have many more resorts all around the country, even in other popular places like Darjeeling, Agra, Ooty, Karwar and the like. To check out everything that they have to offer, you can get onto their website.

So, what kind of a traveller are you? The regular one? Or the one who likes to #HolidayDifferently?

I am definitely category two! 🙂

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