Cheers, The Desi Way!

best cocktails in bangalore


Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night.

Won’t you party, party, party,

Won’t you burn the floor all night.

I’m SO in the mood to dance the night away and party! But hey, don’t blame me. Blame those delicious, tipsy drinks at Big Pitcher, which are some of the best cocktails in Bangalore.

Well, by now you may have guessed that I did something very millennial. I put on my fancy clothes and dancing shoes, grabbed a couple of my gal pals and headed over to Big Pitcher to have a fabulous girls night out. So, of course, we sipped on a few cocktails, gossiped and did the usual.

There was, however, something extraordinary and out of the usual there, though. What you ask? It’s those desi style cocktails at Big Pitcher! I happen to be a huge fan of cocktails and especially when they’re made in the desi way, how is one to resist? It’s not possible!

They have a whole desi cocktail festival going on where they make these drinks 10x more amazing with fancy-schmany ingredients like chilli, raw mango, paan, fig, coconut and so many others. These were some of the best ones I’ve ever had, hands down.

You may think that I’ve been slightly carried away by those cocktails that lured me away into welcoming arms and hence I may be exaggerating a tiny bit but I’ve got proof for you. I’m gonna write down every amazing drink I had there and then, you’ll just book a cab and head there too (I specified CAB because I don’t want you to drink and drive. Smart or what?)

So, here’s the proof that I ain’t kidding and this is, in fact,  some really good stuff:



Fresh, yum-yum Mughlai paan with dark rum, coke and a cherry on top. It tasted like liquid paan, but with a kick. Perfect for paan lovers.

best cocktails in bangalore



Add some spice to your life, guys. With raw mango, salt& chilly rim, vodka and lychee juice, this will light you up. Made for us Indians who believe that anything is incomplete without spice.

best cocktails in bangalore



Tell your mom that you do consume dry fruits, albeit in a different form 😉 Figs infused with fig dark rum, lemon and coke. Oo la la, sweet, strong and what not.

big pitcher bangalore



I think the name is a perfect descriptor for this drink. For all those like to take it easy and keep it simple, go for this combination of strawberry and lychee puree, sour mix, vodka and mint. It’s so sweet, you’ll forget it’s alcohol. Until you feel the effect a few minutes later!

big pitcher bangalore



Move aside, Bloody Mary. Your wilder counterpart is here. This desi mix has tomato, lemon and guava juice, vodka and coriander powder, served with a spicy rim. I’ll never be able to enjoy the old-school Mary again after sampling this more exotic one.

best cocktails in bangalore



Quite an Indian-infused adventure indeed. The coconut in this really reminded me of Kerala. With Vanilla puree, vodka, elderflower syrup and fresh coconut milk, this desi delight is served in an Earthen cup. It was just so unique and unlike anything I’d ever tasted before.

best cocktails in bangalore



Look who’s getting naughty now! This smooch-worthy cocktail has some of my favourite ingredients like coffee liquor, Baileys and Hazelnut mixed with Vodkaaa. One of the best coffee based drinks, for sure.

big pitcher bangalore



I am not going to comment on the name, promise :P. This cocktail is the sexier version of a fruit punch and honestly, it packs quite a punch. The sweet is suddenly interrupted by the strong, slightly bitter taste of grenadine. Order this white rum, baileys, whipped cream, grenadine drink if you like surprises.

best cocktails in bangalore



There has to be some big, fancy stuff if a place is called ‘’Big’’ Pitcher right? Meet this humongous drink that’s perfect for the entire gang, with port wine, strong black tea, blue coraso, hazelnut puree, fresh fruit and sour mix. The best part? It comes with brandy-on-fire and 5 straws!

best cocktails in bangalore



Here’s a mighty big and fine drink that can give LIIT a run for it’s money. With tequila, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, lemon juice, amaretto and sprite, it’s got it all. It’ll get even the shyest of souls on the dance floor in 5 minutes.

big pitcher bangalore


I rest my case now.

Now please get to Big Pitcher (by CAB. Okay?) and have the time of your life with desi cocktails and your gang! And if, by any chance, desi isn’t your style, don’t fret. Big Pitcher serves some of the best cocktails in Bangalore, so you’re covered.



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