A Day Out With Satya Paul..

Can I just start this post by saying ‘’OMG’’?!

Well, after all, it’s not every day that you get invited to a private exhibition by a designer label like Satya Paul. Yes, THE brand that has forever been synonymous with stunning sarees.

After my initial reaction of jumping around, I did go to the event, to feast my eyes on some oh-so-gorgeous stunners by the label. The event was for us to admire the new spring-summer collection and….

….. to check out the newly unveiled, unique saree called ‘’Flawless’’ for Women’s Day. The saree is a masterpiece by the label and has a wonderful story to it:

They believe that a woman is full of magic, charm, beauty, bravery and a free spirit, who takes flight, leaving a mark wherever she goes. She plays different roles every day of her life and does a damn good job at every one of them! The saree is a classic representation of Satya Paul’s prints in black and white with a dash of red, which depicts power, boldness and love. The calligraphy has beautiful and empowering phrases woven into the texture, each of which represent different aspects of women today. This is an ode to every woman who believes that she is flawless.

satya paul sarees

There was more beauty there, of course. As someone who’s absolutely crazy about flowers, I went gaga over there spring-summer collection, titled ‘’An Indian Summer’’.

With rows of sarees in delicate and bold floral patterns, pleasing pastels and bright hues, elaborate embroidery and dignified workmanship, I was delighted. And there were also equally beautiful handbags, wallets and scarves in the same theme, along with pocket squares and silk ties for men.

In fact, you can even match your husband or boyfriend’s pocket square or tie with your scarf or saree.

satya paul sarees

satya paul designer label

satya paul designer label

What I like the most about Satya Paul Sarees are that each and every one of them has it’s own character and story to tell. None of it are random or abstract. There’s always so much thought that goes into it, be it the fabric, colours, embroidery or design. After all, it is a reflection of the women who wear them and the circumstances that shape them. Such beauty, indeed.

satya paul sarees


About Satya Paul:

This label has been charming people since 1985. Known for intelligent, beautiful designs and a vivid colour palette, Satya Paul Sarees have now made a mark internationally as well. The label has changed the way people perceived sarees and introduced the concept of concept-based designs.


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