Healthy Brekkie Recipes: High On The Good, Low On The Fuss

healthy breakfast recipes


High on the good, low on the fuss!


My mother once told me ‘’When you start paying attention to what you’re feeding yourself, that’s when you’ll know you’ve grown up’’. If this is to be held as the truth, I guess I have finally grown up.

I have mentioned even in a couple of my other posts that I’m suffering from PCOD, which has quite obviously led to a LOT of weight gain. And now, I’m trying really, really, really hard to lose those extra kilos and become fit again.

My goal is to not get skinny. Because I absolutely don’t believe in skinny. I believe in being fit. I want to burn all that extra fat and be fit with a healthy body and glowing skin. Hence, I no longer am stuffing my face with pizza, cheese, chocolates or spicy biriyani everyday. I’m making a conscious effort to not just work out, but also eat really healthy.

When we’re working full time or have a lot on our plate, we don’t really have the patience or time to cook elaborate meals or most importantly, breakfasts. So we end up skipping it or just grabbing something not-so-nutritious to quell those hunger pangs. It is high time that stops.

Take a little time of your schedule to make a healthy breakfast for yourself. And I literally mean ‘’little time’’ because you still can whip up something delicious and nutritious in a jiffy. Since I hate staying in the kitchen for long periods of time, I have started to do just that. And trust me, it is magic. Hence I thought of sharing some healthy breakfast recipes.

By starting the day with food that’s light, feel-good and yummy, I end up feeling amazing. So here are my favourite quick breakfast fixes that you can fix up in no time:


  • Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie

Before you scoff and say ‘’How can a smoothie be considered breakfast?’’, wait. This combination is supposed to be really good for you. Rich in fiber and protein and coming up to just 300 odd calories, this will fill you up well and good.


2 un-ripe bananas, cut into half

1 cup/4 spoons of unsweetened peanut butter

2 spoons organic honey

2 glasses skimmed milk

2 spoons of granola

Just put all of them together in the blender and mix for 30 seconds until it’s smooth. You’ll absolutely love it!

P.S- Make sure you avoid artificially flavoured/ sweetened peanut butter and sugar. This defeats the purpose of ‘’healthy’’.

healthy breakfast recipes


  • Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt is rich in nutrients, Vitamin B and even protein. It also cools your body and makes you feel fresh. Especially when combined with fruits, there’s nothing like it.


2 cups plain or flavoured Greek yogurt

1 cup Granola

1 spoon honey

Tons of fruits

Take a bowl and layer the base with yogurt. Add some granola. Layer again with yogurt. Top it off with some more granola and a spoon of honey. To make it 10x more delicious, freely add fruits like strawberries, blueberries, banana, kiwi or apple.

This breakfast bowl is all kinds of delicious and brimming with goodness. The best part? It’s a great substitute for desserts when you’re craving something sweet.

yogurt smoothie bowl



  • Overnight Oats Jar

Making it even easier for yourself by preparing the next day’s breakfast the previous night. Oats are gluten free and incredibly rich in vitamins, fibre, antioxidants and minerals.


½ cup oats

½ glass skimmed milk/yogurt

1 spoon chia seeds

1 spoon cinnamon powder/ unsweetened vanilla

1 spoon honey

1 spoon of dry fruits or nuts

1 cup fruits

Take a glass jar ( maybe an empty pickle jar or a dessert jar) and fill it with the oats and milk. Add the chia seeds, dry fruits and cinnamon powder. Top it off with fruits of your choice, preferably berries or banana. Mix it really well.

Refrigerate it and let it sit overnight, for at least 5 to 8 hours. Before you eat, add some honey, mix it again and gobble it. Or if you’re in a hurry, take the glass jar with you to your workplace. This way, you can’t make any more excuses to skip your brekkie!

healthy breakfast recipes


  • Sunny Side Up Eggs

Eggs need absolutely no introduction. If you too, like me, are really bored of the usual omelettes and scrambled eggs, go with the sunny route.


1 or 2 eggs

Salt and pepper for garnish

Brown bread

Low fat spread/ peri peri sauce

Break the egg and drop it’s contents onto the pan. Gently prod the yolk of the egg until it bursts and spreads. Add some pepper and salt, Cook until the lower side is brown and you’re done.

Toast the brown bread and apply either low fat mayo spreads or something spicier like peri peri sauce to fancy it up a little. And voila! You have a sunny side up sandwich.

healthy breakfast recipes


  • Avocado and Chia Seeds Toast

Avocados have been the toast of the healthy world since the past year due to it’s extremely beneficial nature. This, when coupled with a superfood like chia, is a match made in heaven!


1 avocado

1 cup chia seeds

Salt, pepper and lemon juice for garnish

Brown or multi grain bread

Mash the avocados thoroughly to make a fine paste. Add some salt, pepper and lemon juice to it for taste. Toast a few slices of brown or multi grain bread and smear the paste onto it. Top it off with chia seeds.

If you want, you can add some boiled egg white as well.

Takes literally 10 minutes but boosts your energy like crazy!

avocado toast recipe


These are all healthy breakfast recipes that I’ve actually tried and come to love. Instead of eating sugary cereals or ready-to-eat noodles that do little for your body, it’s best to choose these healthy alternatives that also taste great. And I’m not saying ”taste great” just for the sake of it. This isn’t your typical health food that tastes so bad that you feel like you’re torturing yourself. So go on, give it a try!

Since I’ve made fitness and nutrition a staple part of my life and routine, I’ll be back with more posts about the good things in life.

Happy healthy eating!



*All images for this post have been sourced from Google/ Pinterest. None of them are mine.



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