The Best Of Both Worlds: Biryani Noodles!

Biryaneez Biryani Noodles


Deciding what to eat is a legit battle.

Especially for someone like me who decides their meal on basis of what they’re craving for.

Pizza or Pasta?

Ice cream or Cake?

Masala Dosa or Egg Roll?

Biryani or Noodles?


Decisions, decisions.


Though, for the options of Number 4 (Biryani/Noodles), I now have a solid answer: Biryani Noodles..hahah! No, I kid you not, our prayers have been answered and some wonderful soul has done us millennial Indians a huge favour by putting together two of our favourites (Instant Noodles and Biryani) in one delicious package.

Biryaneez Biryani Noodles

Let me introduce you to delicious, lip-smacking Biryaneez Biryani noodles that are an exact match to chicken biryani in terms of its brilliant taste and aroma. A couple of months ago, social media was abuzz with word of a quirky new noodles for the Indian palate and it just caught my attention. To be honest, I was initially a teeny tiny bit sceptical about trying it because it’s just so quirky, but since I generally love to try new food and new cuisines everywhere I go, I decided to give it a try.

I was genuinely surprised and impressed with the taste. It’s a nice mix of Chinese and Indian flavours (which, again, we Indians are quite fond of). Let me also clarify that it isn’t overwhelming or weird. The level of spice is decent, though I would have preferred a little more. I added some red chilli powder and chilli flakes to make it spicier. Biryaneez Biryani Noodles contains 14 authentic spices put together to give it just that beautiful chicken biryani taste you are looking for.

Biryaneez Biryani Noodles

I’m honestly really happy that I gave this a try and I may just end up stocking it in my pantry permanently! If you too, like me, are experimental and ever curious to try new things. Or like me, are a big fan of biryani, give this one a shot.  It is available in e-commerce sites like BigBasket and Amazon.

Life is short guys, so try new yummy things and eat some seriously good food!

Okay, gotta go now, my Biryaneez is awaiting my presence.


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