Chasing The Sun: Love For Sunglasses Ft Nova Eyewear


Most people say ‘’I just cannot have enough shoes’’, but I say ‘’I just cannot have enough sunglasses’’! Right now, I have around 8 of them & I still keep adding to my collection. Don’t even try to stop me.

Just last week, I bought another. You know that one thing that you’ve had your eyes on forever? You saw it somewhere and went ‘’Ooo, I want that baby’’? That’s exactly what happened to me with these sunglasses. I’d been scrolling through Instagram (yeah, yeah, predictable, I know) and I saw these black with gold sunnies from Nova Eyewear that were just so classy and evergreen, you know? Like it was THAT pair that would look great even 50 years later and would go with every outfit.

Finally I got my hands on them. Gorg, amirite? Go one, check it out:

Another very important fact is that sunglasses are my favourite travel buddies. As you all know, I travel quite a bit and never without a pair of sunnies. It’s essential for me, for all the below reasons. In fact, if you closely observe my vacay pictures, you’ll find a pair in almost every photo. I love all the ones I have but this one a little more so because I can pair them with any outfit, mood, colour and still rock it. Now, instead of carrying multiple pairs on vacation, I can manage with just this one.

So here are the top reasons why I’m practically obsessed with sunglasses + why I say they’re travel essentials:

  • It literally transforms me from drab to fab in a jiffy. Because it’s just so glam, no?
  • I don’t need kajal, mascara, eye shadow etc etc etc when I have sunnies
  • They add that extra oomph to any outfit
  • They’re a great photo prop- whether it’s on your face, head or in a flatlay
  • Protects from sun, wind, heat, dust & poofy eyes


Where it’s from: 

Sunnies: My new favourite is from Nova. They have some really stylish pairs. This particular one I’m wearing is the ”Georgia NV 8018 F02” model.

Top: Shein

Earrings: Commercial street

Ripped Jeans: Ajio


About Nova Eyewear: 

Nova is a global brand, which is available in more than 25 countries worldwide. Nova offers a vast portfolio of premium eye-care products, ranging from advanced digital lenses, fashionable frames, Rx sunglasses to swimming goggles. It is one such international brand which effectively addresses the need of vision correction and protection without compromising on aesthetics by bringing to you the best eye-care products which are both high on technology and fashion. Discover perfect vision combined with perfect aesthetics with Nova. Stunning Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez is global brand ambassador in the wake of completion of a decade


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