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Destination number 5 for the year was Yercaud. Though I haven’t officially made up my mind to visit every little city, town, beach and mountain in South India, it looks like I’m doing just that. 

Yercaud is a quaint, peaceful little hill station in Tamil Nadu, quite close from cities like Bangalore and Chennai. It’s full of winding roads, a view of the nearby Salem town, fun little hikes and lots of greenery.

We were here for 4 days and we obviously enjoyed every bit of it. And a large part of that fun we owe to Live Grand Hotels, who have 3 brilliant, beautiful properties in Yercaud. We stayed at a different property every night and boy, was that a new experience!

If I have to pick a favorite, I CAN’T! Because each property was so uniquely wonderful in it’s own way. And each property made we go ‘’Wow!’’

Whether it was the heritage vibes and bold colors of Kottai Ayurvedic Resort, the silent and charming Myst Yellow Lake or the spell-binding greenery and cottages of La Four Seasons, each of them got me smilin’! So if you’re here for best resorts in Yercaud, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, here’s a bit about each property: 

Warning- You’re going to be tempted to head there right away! 


As soon as you step into Kottai, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. The colonial looking buildings painted in bright colours will make you remember kings and queens, a darbar and more royalty. It’s that beautiful!

There’s also a really huge, gorgeous swimming pool located right next to a castle, a den with such vintage vibes, an ayurvedic spa and wonderful views from the rooms.

Here are few things you can do in Kottai: 

  1. Take a dip in that huge pool, admiring the views around you kottai resort yercaud
  2. Get a relaxing Ayurvedic massage 
  3. Sip tea with a brilliant sunset on the terrace kottai resort yercaud
  4. Unwind in the den, with a drink in hand 
  5. Take loads of pictures (You can easily fool people that you visited Rajasthan. Haha!)kottai resort yercaud
    best resorts in yercaud
  6. You can hike to a nearby view point in the morning. You’ll love it!

things to do yercaud
yercaud view point


A sweet little property is Myst, with a huge garden and charming duplex cottages. It’s one of those places that immediately feel like home. 

They have a spa, a cute swimming pool and a bonfire too. It’s the perfect place to just relax, do nothing, spend time with your loved ones and feel all blissful. 

Here are few things you can do in Myst Yellow Lake: 

  1. Stay on the top floor of the cottage and wake up to mountain valley viewsmyst yellow lake yercaud
  2. Relax with a book and some tea in one of the swingsbest resorts in yercaud
  3. Have lunch amidst the gardensmyst yellow lake yercaud
  4. End the night with a dinner by the bonfire 
  5. Go on a jeep safari in the forest to catch a spectacular sunset

things to do in yercaud



This one was definitely the fanciest of all the properties, and the most luxurious too. From the minute you enter, you’ll be delighted.

The whole property is literally covered in sheer greenery, with a winding waterfall in between. How many places have you seen that have legit waterfalls?! You can relax in the nearby hammocks or get on the swing to remember your childhood days! 

Even their rooms are really huge, with a sitting room, main bedroom and a bay window too. 

Here are few things you can do in La Four Seasons: 

  1. Just sit and admire the nature and waterfallsla four seasons yercaud
    best resorts in yercaud
  2. Take advantage of their well-stocked library and grab a book to read 
  3. Hit their game room or swings to revisit your childhood
    best resorts in yercaud
  4. Get into the pool, it’s amazing!la four seasons yercaud
  5. Really relax in one of their spacious cottages

best resorts in yercaud

If you need any more convincing to stay in any of these beautiful properties, here’s another- THE HOSPITALITY! Every member of the staff is so warm and welcoming. Always greeting you with a smile and asking you if need anything. And that, for me, is the difference between a good and great resort- the latter always goes an extra mile to make your stay amazing.

Because of all the reasons above, I honestly feel these are the best resorts in Yercaud.

I love holidays like these- where I can relax, laugh more, destress, do nothing, take tons of pictures, spend time with people and re-connect with myself. Don’t you love it too?

You can check out my trip highlights here on Instagram. 

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Happy travelling!

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