Yummy Hummus from Yummus!

Hummus Home Delivery in Bangalore

Yummy Hummus from Yummus! 

Hummus Home Delivery in Bangalore

Okay, story time. 

I visited Dubai in 2009 with my parents. We loved the vibe, the tall buildings and the desert landscape. However, food was definitely an issue because we were pure vegetarians back then (my parents still are but I turned, Haha!). 

We went into a fancy restaurant and were browsing for veg food when the waiter suggested that we try ‘’Hummus’’. He said it’s a Middle Eastern delicacy and is made with chickpeas. Foodie that I am, I instantly agreed. 20 minutes later, he brought in a beautiful hummus platter- with different coloured hummus, some crisp pita bread, fresh veggies and more. One bite and I was so sold. Thus began my love story with hummus. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t so famous or readily available in India until recently and even then, it was so hard to find authentic hummus. But now I can say, the food scene has evolved and I do get to dig in to my favourite snack more often. 

Recently, I came across the most amazing things:  The best hummus home delivery in Bangalore and I was like WHAAATTTT? That, my dear friends, is Yummus. 

best hummus in bangalore

They make the most delicious, authentic hummus in almost 6 flavours like Bell Pepper, Beetroot, Spinach, Carrot, Basil Pesto and Green Olive. Along with that, they also have amazing Pita Bread. 

Here’s why I fell in LOVE with their stuff: 

  • It tastes so damn good 
  • Everything is home made so no preservatives and shizz 
  • All food is made fresh and with real ingredients 
  • It’s vegan 
  • They deliver to many areas of Bangalore, including my area. 

I tried their Bell Pepper and Beetroot Hummus with Pita Bread and it took me back in time to Dubai 2009. I devoured it all very fast, leaving very little for my husband. Poor guy.

Hummus Home Delivery
best hummus bangalore

The order, delivery process and packaging was all super smooth too. Though other restaurants do deliver hummus, I would strongly recommend ordering from Yummus because these guys really specialise in this delicacy and they know what they’re doing. 

I’m on my way to becoming their regular customer. 

Though eating it with freshly baked pita bread is unbeatable, here are some other ways you can enjoy hummus: 

  • Toast some bread with butter and use hummus as a dip 
  • Use it as a sandwich spread with exotic veggies like broccoli, bell pepper, olives and cherry tomatoes thrown in 
  • Use it as a spread for your chapati roll 
  • Enjoy it as a component of your Buddha Bowls or salad bowls 

I’ve personally tried all of the above and liked each of them tremendously. 

In case you’re still wondering where you get the best hummus home delivery in Bangalore, stop wondering and just order from Yummus. You can check their website here or message them on Instagram

Hummus Home Delivery in Bangalore

That’s it. It’s time to go now and dream some hummus dreams. 

Happy eating! 


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