Say Namaste To Yoga Bars: Your New Snack Buddy!

yoga bars review

Yoga Bars Review   Hunger pangs. It never leaves you, does it? Whether you are working at your desk, zapping from place to place, indulging in some shopping or just running errands, hunger is right behind you! Well, it’s great to get hungry, because it’s the sign of a healthy body but what is not […]

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3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore: Hawa Hawaii!

3 Dots And A Dash Bangalore

 3 Dots and A Dash Bangalore   The cheery traditions of Hawaii have always enthralled me. From their beach parties to tikitiki cocktails, the floral garlands to high tempo beats, it’s all so fun and mesmerizing, isn’t it? I cannot count the number of times I have dreamed of going to Hawaii and living their […]

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