Tech-A Break With Techa Teas!

premium tea online

PREMIUM TEA ONLINE:  A review of Techa tea   As Indians, the concept of drinking tea (or chai, as we fondly refer to it) is inborn. We all can remember our grandparents sipping on tea in those wee morning hours with a newspaper by their side. We have seen our mothers relaxing with a chai […]

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On The Eve Of My Birthday: Turning 25

Turning 25

  Turning 25. It’s a scary number, isn’t it? You are in your mid-twenties, in the middle of a quarter life crisis and it also means that you have successfully completed a quarter century! Even from society, if you are turning 25, you are under a lot of pressure to have your shit together. I […]

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Best of August!

Every day has something amazing to offer and what is life if you don’t cherish each of the little things? Whether it’s the joy of buying a new dress, eating good food, catching up with my blogger friends or just reliving some good memories. And so, I thought, at the end of every month, I […]

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