Heaven On Earth: The Spa In Marriott

the best spas in bangalore

BEST SPAS IN BANGALORE:  A REVIEW OF SERENA SPA   I cannot even count the number of times I say: ‘’ OMG, I need a massage. Someone please pamper me!’’ And no, this isn’t drama. I actually do need it because my life is hectic af. What with the crazy Bangalore traffic, my full-time job, […]

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Tech-A Break With Techa Teas!

premium tea online

PREMIUM TEA ONLINE:  A review of Techa tea   As Indians, the concept of drinking tea (or chai, as we fondly refer to it) is inborn. We all can remember our grandparents sipping on tea in those wee morning hours with a newspaper by their side. We have seen our mothers relaxing with a chai […]

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