Yummy Hummus from Yummus!

Hummus Home Delivery in Bangalore

Yummy Hummus from Yummus!  Hummus Home Delivery in Bangalore Okay, story time.  I visited Dubai in 2009 with my parents. We loved the vibe, the tall buildings and the desert landscape. However, food was definitely an issue because we were pure vegetarians back then (my parents still are but I turned, Haha!).  We went into […]

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The Best Of Both Worlds: Biryani Noodles!

Biryaneez Biryani Noodles

BIRYANEEZ BIRYANI NOODLES: A DELICIOUS MATCH OF FLAVORS!  Deciding what to eat is a legit battle. Especially for someone like me who decides their meal on basis of what they’re craving for. Pizza or Pasta? Ice cream or Cake? Masala Dosa or Egg Roll? Biryani or Noodles?   Decisions, decisions.   Though, for the options […]

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